Ok, the time has come to share this wonderful technique with the rest of you. Access Diving: The method I use is called a brute-force security attack. The program we will be using is called Access Diver. This program uses a list of proxy servers to attempt to log-in to private areas with a long list of user names and passwords.

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This Tutorial is n00b proof. That being said, I take no responsibility at all what you do with the information I provided. Everything you do is up to you and you are responsible for your own actions. Step 1. Install AccessDiver V4. RAR File. Step 2. The problem is, that you can only scan 10 topics simultaneously with this limit so that the proxytesting process and bruteforcing will be extremely long. Restart your Computer. Step 4. The splash screen will show up, Click on the splash screen to make it go away.

Step 6. Now proceed to the settings menu. Click the tab Access and tick the following checkboxes: 1. Proceed to the Search tab in the Settings menu. Check the "Use this feature during a search" option and use the following values: in "Size of username" enter 6 as the minimum and 14 as the maximum.

Down below, you can see the "What to do with Logins found" option. Step 9. Each time you want to crack a site, you need to find NEW proxies and test them.. Put the proxies you found on the internet in a. Example: Make sure your settings match with the settings below in the screenshot: Step Now click the Anonymity checkers tab on the right of the Analyzer Settings tab. Now go to the Analyzed Proxy tab and open your proxy list in. Hit the folder icon and select your. Step Your proxies should now be loaded into AccessDiver, as shown below: Step This will save you time while speed and confidentiality testing.

AccessDiver will now remove the duplicated proxies from your list. Now lets test the proxies on their Speed and Accuracy. Wait until the test is done. AccessDiver will show a report when finished: As you can see, you only have very little proxies left now. First we need to activate the scripts which will check the proxies. Now lets test the Proxies for their Confidentiality.

Click yes. You will now be shocked how less proxies you have now remaining in your list. Click OK to continue. Give it a name you can remember, because you need to use it later on. After that, make sure your settings are same as in the screenshot below. After that load up your proxy list into Accessdiver by clicking the folder icon, select your proxy list and then hit Open. After your proxies have been loaded into AccessDiver, make sure to tick them all. Make sure all your proxies are checked, this is important to stay safe and anonymous.

Just look in the wordlists folder. The wordlist needs to be in. Example: bdjoy:victor After you have downloaded your wordlist, open it up in AccessDiver. Hit the Dictionary Menu tab. Currently Used Step Let the cracking begin! Look at the progress bar on top for an indication on the cracking progress! If a password has successfully been cracked by AccessDiver, a sound will ring and the password will be shown in the Progression tab.

Also, all of the password which you crack will be saved in the "History" tab. Have Phun! Troubleshooting: AccessDiver stopped cracking. What should I do? Find more working, anonymous proxies!!! I want to make absolutely sure that I wont get caught, what should I do?

There are several answers to this question. Notes: - Each time you want to crack a site, you need to find new proxies and test them..

Instead, post in the topic. Why should I? AccessDiver still does the job.. Newer is not always better you know. There are newer versions of AccessDiver available. Lolz, your English sucks mate.


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