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More info Previous versions of this document, as well as addenda, are available under the Product Family tab. ASHRAE Standard establishes safeguards for life, limb, health, and property and prescribes safety requirements. This standard is directed toward the safety of persons and property on or near the premises where refrigeration facilities are located. It includes specifications for fabrication of tight systems but does not address the effects of refrigerant emissions on the environment. This standard applies to: a the design, construction, test, installation, operation, and inspection of mechanical and absorption refrigeration systems, including heat pump systems used in stationary applications; b modifications including replacement of parts or components if they are not identical in function and capacity; and c substitutions of refrigerant having a different designation. While the user of this document should be familiar with the entire standard, its organization into the following sections allows faster location of information.

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It was proposed, seconded and unanimously approved that the minutes be approved. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to accept the Report. Appropriate projects could be undertaken. It has been indicated that there is a future need for material which could be generated by Fellows. It was reiterated that Fellows are a powerful resource for both Course material and for possible sound-bites to include in pod casts possibly directly to education establishments.

Art Hallstrom will get a prototype from Art Garbarino. Three from the Refrigeration side are to be followed up. The website shows the status of reviewers which will review the Fellow resource and activity. It now includes the current list of Fellows. It was proposed that these presentations should be put on the Fellows website. George Jackins will follow up. There are some problems with the Society computer records and it is expected that the list of deceased Fellows is out of date.

Pieces are required for the web page, together with a link to the College of Fellows page. There was extensive discussion which was captured by George Sestak and will be included in the redraft. In other words no DL speeches would be in this database. Only Fellows speeches would be listed. This database could be searched online by Chapter Program Chairs.

The alpha version of the Fellows Speakers Bureau was completed in May


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Included in the safety standards are specific requirements for the use of gas detectors. More than one gas detector may be required depending on the machinery room configuration or airflow patterns. A gas detector shall be located in the machinery room in an area where a leak will concentrate. The gas detector must activate an audible and visible alarm.


ASHRAE 33-2016

This standard is under continuous maintenance by a Standing Standard Project Committee SSPC for which the Standards Committee has established a documented program for regular publication of addenda or revisions, including procedures for timely, documented, consensus action on requests for change to any part of the standard. E-mail: orders ashrae. Fax: Telephone: worldwide , or toll free for orders in US and Canada. For personal use only. Jones Phillip A. Borrowman Jim Caylor Ajay R.


ASHRAE Standard 15 Applied to Packaged, Split and VRF Systems


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