Allah is Al Malikul Haqq. He is the One who possesses the disposal of all affairs. He commands, makes and does whatever He wants. He is far and above any imperfection, error, fault and shortcoming.

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Allah sbt has 99 Names, less 1. Whoever secures them will enter paradise. As I continue in my mujahida of securing the Ilm of all the 99 Names of Allah sbt in my heart I have to contemplate which name I feel most naturally motivated to secure next. Each of the names of Allah sbt needs to be known by a Son of Adam as. It is like an essential nutrient except for our psyche, and heart.

This knowledge of the 99 names is a heavy knowledge as one progresses in it the Presence of Allah sbt in our hearts, and the temple of our bodies is increasing. It is not a knowledge that one can secure in the mind, but not embody. This is why I have chosen Medina, the haram established by Saiyidna Muhammad sws himself to reside in and purify myself through.

May Allah sbt purify our anfus, and our qulub to bear this most sacred knowledge of al-Quddus. May we be that which Allah sbt created us to be. This means that we are seeking to be reminded of some of the Ilm that was made known to Adam as , and is inherited by us in our fitrah as Bani Adam, but we have forgotten through the ghafla induced our erring and by the influence of our age which is the time immediately preceding Dajjal.

This means that we gather every dhikr mention of a particular haqeeqat in ad-Dhikr, and we seek to find the pattern of usage of the that name, and thus come to know the true meaning of that name. We are planning another site al-Kitaab-ul-Hakim.

Qhums can be according to your own fiqi school, or you can ask to discuss the fiqi matter with the Saiyid himself. The translation seems a little odd in English, so let me first give you an example of a name that sounds perfect in English, and the method of translation.

I translate al-Ghaffur-ur-Rahim as the Compassionately Forgiving. Because, in this type of phrase in Arabic one of the names is describing the other. Therefore, al-Ghaffur-ur-Rahim is perfectly translated as the Compassionately Forgiving. Therefore, the order of the names in Arabic matters in the manner in which the overall phrase is translated, and pairs of paired names which are the reverse of each means slightly different things. Anyways, enough grammar and linguistic geek-ery.

Indeed, you are the Knowingly Hearing. And from our offspring a community submissive to you. And show us our ways of worship and turn to us. Indeed You are the Compassionately Turning Back. Indeed, you are the Wisely Mighty. The Might of Allah sbt is manifest in His Ability to raise a Messenger from the descendants of Ishmael as , and in His ability to cause Him to recite His Ayaat to them, and in His Ability to cause him to convey knowledge of the Book and Hikkmah to them, and and in His Ability to cause him to purify them.

In fact this one of the ultimate manifestations of His Wisdom, because this is basically describing the Prophetic life of Muhammad sws which in the basis of the ultimate salvation of all the Children of Adam as , and the Global Justification of the Earth. But, because the command not to follow in the footsteps of Shaitan, and to enter into Islam completely is addressed to the Mominin we know that this ayah is also addressed to the Mominin. This he reserves for the Kuffar, and the Zalimun.

But, when some of the Mominin are facing the possibility of erring, Allah sbt reminds them that He is the Wisely Mighty. The purpose of remembering this particular identity of Allah sbt is that we know that Allah sbt displayed His Wise Might in the delivery of the Clear Evidences. Therefore, once we are reminded of His Power we are motivated to fear Him again after we have erred, and once we are reminded of His Wisdom we are motivated to trust His Clear Evidences, the content of His Book.

It is the intentional composition of the Clear Evidence that al-Aziz-ur-Rahim is most manifest, and in the deliverance of those Clear Evidences to Muhammad sws , and through Muhammad sws to the Mominin. And if you mix with them in your affairs then they are your are brothers.

And Allah knows the corrupter from the rectifier. And if Allah had willed surely He could have put you in difficulties. His Wise Might is manifest in his choice to make the affairs of the orphans difficult, and of their brother Muslims easier. Indeed Allah is the Wisely Mighty. However, that last complete sentiment is an organic part of the discussion which preceded it therefore while the Wise Might of Allah sbt is manifest in that choice of how to proportion out difficulty to various individuals it is not as if the rest of the discussion is unrelated to His Wise Might.

And their husbands have the right to take them back in the period if they wish rectification. And for them is the like of that which is on them in a recognized-respectful manner, and for the men over them is a rank. And Allah is the Wisely Mighty. But, if they leave themselves, then no blame upon you in what they do concerning themselves of the known-honored.

And Allah sbt is the Wisely Mighty. Allah sbt knows every aspect of being human better then any human being, and he knows the interrelationships between the different part of a human being better then any human being, and he knows the interrelationships between a husband and his wife better than any human being, and He knows the interrelationships between a couple in which the husband is deceased and the broader society starting with the other relatives of the deceased better then anyone else.

Therefore, only Allah sbt can legislate in a just way. And therefore, the only legislation that is binding in the individual Bani Adam is that of Allah sbt , because He is the Absolutely Wise. However He is not only the one to know these relationships, but the one who has established them. Life is an immensely intricate orderly process. Medical science has never been able to define the distinction between a living person, and a dean. For something to live an unaccountable number of dynamic interrelationships need to exist in homeostasis while other interrelationships need to be in constant flux.

Therefore, when Allah sbt take something like these birds which had once been living but were now dead, and restores them perfectly to the life that they once possessed without alternating the organismic uniqueness of the birds such that it can truly be said that these are the same birds which Ibrahim as sacrificed He is exercising His a Might in a way that is not sheer force, but also infinitely intricate such that emergent quality of life is restored.

And in this intricate exercise of power the Might of Allah sbt is Wise Might. As we see that Allah sbt often uses life, or aspects of life in association with this name al-Aziz-ul-Hakim. Life is one of the highest manifestation of Allah sbt exercising His Might with Wisdom.

No Deity is there except He who is the Wisely Mighty. Again we see that the Wise Might of Allah sbt is manifest in life. Previously, we see that the Wise Might of Allah sbt was manifest in the Resurrection of the birds of Ibrahim as , and now we see that it is manifest in the development of the child in the womb.


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