Early in the story Rachel mentions that humanity studied bioengineering instead of going to the moon. Despite the excellent narration, the weaknesses of the book are still there: There was world building galore that needed to happen along with ki introduction to some of the characters that I am sure the remaining series is going to follow. I like complicated characters in my books. Every review of this series talks about it being one of the best Urban Fantasies out there, and I have to admit that the world in this one is pretty awesome. There is also a Inderland Security for those others I was discussing. Dec 04, Jilly rated it liked it Shelves: Near the end we get a glimpse of future interests for Rachel so do not fear!

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Shelves: fae , vampires , witches , magic , romance , fantasy , paranormal , buddy-reads , read-in Making a spell is easy. I guarantee if I read this back when I was in love with the Fever series , the Kate Daniels series , and the Riley Jenson Guardian series , then I would have enjoyed this way more than I did. Sadly, we are in , and the true fact is that this didnt age well, in my opinion.

But I still had a lot of fun reading this one! This is a story about a witch named Rachel who works as a bounty hunter for a pretty slimy boss. Like, upsets her boss so much that she now has a hit mark on her.

And we get to see all the spells that Rachel is able to brew up, and she brews up some really cool things so that she can protect herself and try to uncover why her ex-boss wants to seek vengeance on her so badly. My biggest complaint is how Ivy was handled in this book.

Like, if Rachel and Ivy would have gotten together, I obviously would have been ecstatic, and I actually thought the story was going in that direction, but the narrative quickly shifted to be all about how Rachel would get Ivy to not be attracted to her, while she admired every guy that enters the story.

This is without a doubt the reason it was hard for me to ever enjoy this book, honestly. Also, who the fuck would not want to be with Ivy? Like, how unbelievable. My favorite part of this book was how an angel virus made this world almost apocalyptic, where humans are for sure not in control, and all the paranormal entities are not in hiding because they were immune to it and now are for sure the major population.

I just thought that was such a cool spin, and really added to this world and made it something special. Overall, I really did think this was a fun read, just a product of its time with some of the offensive lingo and the strange queerbaiting. But I would totally continue on because I am really curious to see where this story goes next. Also, I loved the setting of the abandoned church so much.


Kim Harrison





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