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From Back Cover… Why stop at just one night--when he can buy so many more? Greek multimillionaire Luke Devetzi will do anything to get Jemma Barnes back in his bed for a night of blazing passion She had no idea why he wanted her there—stock flotations and the like were a foreign language to her. In fact, she had enough trouble coping with the monetary side of her own business—as Liz, her best friend and partner in the florist shop they jointly owned in Chelsea, would readily confirm!

Her amber eyes clashed with the twinkling brown ones of the man opposite—a Mr Devetzi from Greece. Her father had introduced Jemma to him earlier and she rather liked the old man. Apparently he had once met her aunt Mary at her holiday home on the island of Zante—the same place that Jemma had spent her last holiday with her aunt. His smile broadened reassuringly, and with a wink and a nod of his white head he gave her the answer.

After your last heart scare I seem to recall your doctor forbidding you to travel. As a matter of fact I did call you six days ago, but I was informed by some woman in your New York office that you had already left for a long weekend in the Hamptons and were not to be disturbed unless it was a dire emergency. His grandparents had turned their lives upside down thirty-eight years ago when Anna, their only daughter, had got pregnant by a yachtsman visiting the Greek island where they lived.

Unwilling to subject Anna and her unborn child to the censure of the small community, they had relocated to Athens, where no one knew them. Then, when Anna had died in childbirth, they had been left to bring Luke up on their own. He had refused to follow his grandfather into the wholesale fish business, instead signing up as assistant purser on a luxury cruise liner. In a fit of temper Theo had declared he was just like his feckless French father—a so-called aristocrat who spent his life sailing around in his yacht seducing young girls.

Luke had stormed out and gone to find his father. He had discovered the man living on a large estate in France—with his wife and two sons both older than Luke. Luke had gone ahead and joined the cruise liner. Luke had become the proverbial whiz kid, and four years later had started his own investment banking company—Devetzi International.

You only have to ask and it will be given. You must know that. His heavily lined face showed the signs of his seventy-seven years, and yet his deep brown eyes still held the determination that had seen him build up a business with his best friend Milo. Luke owed his life to this man. Fine words, Lycurgus, but they cut no ice with me. But given your apparent aversion to marriage and your choice in women I have almost given up hope. Theo was right—Luke had been dating Davina for the last few weeks and had spent a long weekend with the lady in question.

He could tell his grandfather that he had no intention of marrying the lady anyway but, dammit, why should he? And, as for marriage, Luke had little trust in women for the long term. In his experience he had found the married ones just as eager to get into his bed as the single women he met, if not more so—not that he was at all interested in getting involved with married women.

Have you read this? That I can understand, and even the breast enhancement I could tolerate, but this last thing… Well, I have never heard of anything like it in my life! A false bottom! A quick glance told him his grandfather was right.

A vitriolic Greek curse escaped him, and he flung the magazine back on the table in disgust. Luke ran his hand through his dark hair again. And, as he considered himself something of a connoisseur of women, that was some admission!

Sinking down onto the sofa beside Theo, he gave the old man a wry smile. Propinquity did the rest. Beautiful and intelligent though she was, this last weekend had not been the roaring success he had hoped for. Davina was a very experienced lover, and the sex had been good, but for some reason it had left him feeling oddly unsatisfied. I sold it to the local butcher when we moved from the island to Athens, but the house and the cove had been in my family for generations. It has a thousand happy memories for me, and when you get to my age that is about all you have left.

According to gossip, he then gifted it to his mistress—an Englishwoman called Mary James; a botanist from London. I caught up with her on the island one time. She was a lovely lady, and she told me about her work and the company she had founded with her sister called Vanity Flair, producing a line of homeopathic, anti-allergenic make-up.

Later, her sister married the company accountant, one David Sutherland, and he was instrumental in expanding the business into retail outlets all over Europe.

So when I heard the company was to be floated on AIM—the alternative investment market in London—with the intention of raising money to fund expansion into America, I bought a block of shares on the off-chance that at some point they might give me some leverage in trying to persuade Miss James into selling my family home back to me. Most of the companies floated on AIM were high-risk businesses.

As for your old home—forget it. Anyway, I thought you liked living in the house I had built for us all? You have never complained. At last I can see a way to recover what was once mine. I went to the meeting on Friday, and I had a drink with Sutherland afterwards. Because I was going to call you myself as soon as I got back from the hospital but Milo pre-empted me.

Incidentally, I sprained my ankle yesterday, tripping down the steps of this damn fool sunken living room of yours. Zante is where he and I first met and became friends. He used to stay with your grandmother and I whenever his fishing boat came into the harbour. We had an interesting conversation, and I discovered she was attending the meeting only because her father had told her to. She inherited everything from her aunt—shares in the company and, more importantly, the property on Zante.

Use some of that skill you have at charming the ladies on the daughter. Show her a good time—wine and dine her for the rest of the week and soften her up a bit. When I ask her again to sell me the property, she will be ready to say yes to anything she thinks you want. Shame on you, Theo! You arrange with Sutherland for me to dine in your place tonight, and I will do my level best to charm the woman.

In the meantime, I need to shower and dress. Rolling his shoulders to relieve the ache in his back from long hours of travel and tension, Luke headed for his bedroom wondering just what he had let himself in for, hoping this Jan woman would turn out to be halfway presentable. It was after midnight when Luke finally returne d to his apartment tired, but with a self-satisfied smile on his darkly handsome face. Did you meet her?

Did you like her? And, more importantly, did she like you? Are you sure? I met her in New York years ago. She was working as a model then, and I dated her a few times. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about; the deal is virtually in the bag, I promise you.

Jan was delighted to see me, and was all over me like a rash. Her own mother had died when she was twelve, after a long illness, and her father had married his secretary six months later—a single mother with a sixteen-year-old daughter, Janine, who had already left school and started a career as a model. At the time Jemma had been attending boarding school, so the two girls had not been very close—more friends than family—but her father had officially adopted Janine, so they all shared the same surname.

We could close the shop and you could come with me?


Bought by the Greek tycoon



Bought by the Greek Tycoon






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