Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi was a social and religious reformer from Kerala. Throughout his life, he spoke against the superstitions in different religions. He told his disciples to come out of these superstitions to enjoy the true essence of religion. He asked his followers to objectively analyze things in correct perspective.

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Shaktijin It consists of the four elements, the body and the senses. The orthodox Brahmins and Ksatriyas considered themselves rightful possessors of all kinds of wealth and treated others as slaves.

Top Contributors Today Last 7 Days. Though the gunas qualities are plural in number, their transformation is single and this leads to the common usage as single earth, air and the like. This self — castigation destroys the defilement from the covering of impurity and the body becomes perfect thereby.

At his hometown, he took up the job of a Sanskrit teacher in the Alathur Board School. It is also to be pointed out that teachers should miss no opportunity to explain that images saami mere symbols and not Brahman itself; otherwise the worship would degenerate into a soulless social practice.

With the performance of austerities, the members of the body — family get heated and sad due to starvation. The Upanisads tried to reveal the concept of God as attributeless. The next is sanna which is described as conceptual knowledge. The second is vedana which includes pleasurable, painful and indifferent feelings. The practice of begging brahhmananda alms, leaving all assets, has been described by Sivayogi as the most shameful deed. But there are no such symbols among people hailing from different castes.

The constraint upon 67 the relation between the body and ether, and the balanced state of lightness, will result in the freedom of a Yogin to travel in space or in air. Different forms of Yoga practices and ideas, that existed before his time, were moulded with the Samkhya metaphysics and conjugated into the system of Yoga philosophy. At the next stage of growth, finding an eatable in the hand of another child, he brahmamanda for that.

Devotion dedication to God without desire for the fruits of action, helps one to get rid of worldly miseries and sorrows. When the ignorance is dispelled, the correlation of Prakrti and Purusa also disappears and the true discriminative knowledge arises which helps to obtain liberation. Those who brahmananxa one God, have to accept a society of Gods which could cause quarrels and differences of opinion among themselves.

Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi — A great social and religious reformer from Kerala When the mind becomes still, the subtle Vedas can be heard, which help to reject and negate all other artificial vedas. The orthodox people in the society dubbed him as a rationalist whereas the learned people regarded him as brshmananda revolutionary.

The other famous books are Vigraha aradhana khandanam, Ananda sootram, Rajayoga parasyam, Ananda Vimanam, etc. He also taught his disciples the brahmanandda of the absolute bliss acquired by Rajayoga. Likewise, the negations of the popular Hindu religion by Sivayogi serve as a hedge to protect the real Anandamata — the original religion of man — from the propagators of orthodox religions.

The disjoining from objects causes them to imitate the form of mind itself and it is the withdrawal of the senses. The hindrances are undifferentiated consciousness avidyafeeling of personality asmitapassion ragaaversion dvesaand will to live abhinivesa 24 These are to be removed by way of contemplation. The experiences of sorrow and happiness are equal for any isvayogi.

That the Sastras, that enjoin ritualism, are called false Sastras, since ritualistic practices lead to swa,i of mind, and consequent misery. He practically demonstrated the truths behind the various creeds incorporated in the Hindu religion, by deep and intensive realization of God.

After having learned about the brilliance of Govindan Kutty, his father sent him to Ernakulam for giving the high school education in English medium. Hence the body is to be preserved. It can be visualised in three ways — Ama, pratipat and Purnima.

After retirement from the Ganapath High School, he was invited to join the Kerala Vidyasala at Calicut which is now famous as the Guruvayurappan College.

The defects of the theory of Advaita are also pointed out here. Hindu Symbology and Other Essays, p. It is considered one of the primeval thoughts which deal with the system of practical discipline. Jyotirlinga can be seen by which one negates all idols. Serving a symbol as a substitute for Brahman is the third method. We believe in providing quality content to our readers. The same meditation without this differentiated knowledge is Nirvitarka.

He was considered as an atheist and revolutionary by the orthodox section of the nearby villages. Related Posts.


Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi – A great social and religious reformer from Kerala

At a young age in the royal court he sang poems in Gujarati. The Rana of sirohi, impressed with him, directed that he be taught Pingal the science of constructing poetry at the cost of the state. Hence Ladudan was well educated and later became a part of King of Udaipurs court. Ladudan learnt pingal and Sanskrit scriptures from Ladhaji Rajput of Dhamadka, becoming a scholar in Pingal, poetry and scriptures. Ladudan earned fame and wealth by visiting stately courts of Jaipur , Jodhpthers , which were impressed by his poetry. Swaminarayan was addressing a gathering in Bhuj.


Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi

He was called Rajaram in his younger days and was also known as Maha Yogiraj. His parents wanted him to marry and live the life of a householder and asked their family guru to convince Rajaram to forget his dream of a reclusive life. The parents then also acquiesced and gave their permission for Rajaram to leave. Two days later, Rajaram formally renounced his family life and left his boyhood home in search of solitude in the Himalayas. Here he began the search for a suitable guru or spiritual master.

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