Start your review of Bullet-Proof Abs: 2nd Edition of Beyond Crunches Write a review Shelves: strength-training Worth borrowing from library; definitely not worth buying. I say that as a big Pavel fan, too. Pros and cons of the book: Pros: 1. Relatively easy to read.

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Share By now, proper abdominal training should not be a mystery. The body of experience and scientific knowledge serve up powerful methods on a platter — yet they get lost in the Internet noise.

Examples of the latter are, the double kettlebell clean, the hard-style sit-up, and power breathing. For maximal strength development both types of training are a must. Bodybuilders got the feed-forward ab work figured out. They focus on the contraction rather than the reps — and have the abs to show for it.

First Mr. His attention to detail and understanding of anatomy were impressive and his focus was extraordinary. Scott was the exact opposite of the clowns glued to their phones while doing crunches. Photo courtesy Prof. It can be a heavy weight or poor leverage. Examples of the former include the full contact twist and the one-arm farmer carry.

I am not including a weighted sit-up because it is a pain logistically. Getting a stack of pound plates in place and then holding onto them is not something you want to do more than once. Examples of the latter are the dragon flag and the hanging leg raise.

Of course, such training is not for the flexion intolerant. Engaging a solid brace before the pull is the former. Staying tight under a moving load is the latter. Former Mr. Olympia Dr. Franco Columbu told me that because he hated direct abdominal work all he did for his abs was keeping them tight in all lifts.

The full contact twist. Consider the Total Tension Kettlebell Complex as an example. On the given plan the efforts are brief and intense — 10 reps per set in the swing and 1 in the get-up.

The get-up has a dynamic spine flexion component that cramps your abbies the way the sit-up never could. Feed-forward tension is addressed through bracing and power breathing. When you wrestle a heavy kettlebell in a single-arm exercise, everything in your midsection cannot help lighting up like a Christmas tree.

Power to your abs! The StrongFirst Courses and Certifications are great ways to learn the feed-forward and feed-back methods in this article.


Hardstyle abs. Fighters abs at the back of the book



Bullet-Proof Abs: 2nd Edition of Beyond Crunches


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