Gardalkree After dilution, the coating formed agglomerations upon spraying. In general the amount is about 0. Year of fee payment: The polytetrafluoroethylene reduces friction at low pressure, with the molybdenum disulfide providing excellent friction reduction at higher pressures during use. The composition of claim 1wherein the composition has a pH in the range from 8 to In another embodiment the composition contains water in an amount from about 25 to about 50 percent by weight. By contrast, increasing the amount of molybdenum disulfide leads to a longer wear life.

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The process of claim 28wherein the water-based composition further comprises an antifoaming agent. After mixing, the product was a whipped paste. Search Import Export Data of India The sprayed test panels were subjected to corrosion resistance testing according to MIL-L The formulation was spray applied to a phosphate treated steel panel and cured for 24 hours at 70 degrees Centigrade, and then tested according to MIL-L The coalescing agents used in this invention include a variety of glycol based compounds, including the ethylene and propylene derived glycol ether types.

The fastener of claim 41wherein the water-based composition further comprises tripropylene glycol monomethyl ether and dipropylene glycol butyl ether.

The following examples are illustrative of this invention and are not intended to limit the scope of the invention or claims hereto. In this example, a formulation is prepared using morpholine to raise the pH of the system. In general, the preferred coalescing agents are the propylene glycol ethers. The amount of surfactant is any amount effective to provide reduced surface tension of the formulation. Organic lubricating coating composition for use in plastic deformation of metal sheet. In general, the amount of binder used is in the range of from about 5 to about 50 percent by weight of the composition.

The process of claim 28wherein the binder is present in the water-based composition in an amount of from 5 to 50 by weight based on the total weight of the composition. The composition of claim 1wherein the composition has a pH in the range from 8 to It should be appreciated that the greater the proportion of resin employed relative to the molybdenum disulfide, the greater the corrosion resistance of the resulting cured film with, typically, a reduction in lubricity endurance of the system.

The water paint comprises, by weight, water-based resins: The ammonia is present to reduce the acidity of the formulation. Fluorine-containing coating composition, primer for ETFE-based coatings, and coated article. The fastener of claim 41wherein the water is present in the water-based composition in an amount of from 20 to 60 percent by weight based on the total weight of the composition.

Defoamer, VOC-free for aqueous systems: BYK The present invention provides a bgk to one or more of the disadvantages and deficiencies described above. The surface can be treated with multiple coatings of the formulation to build up the thickness of the coating.

A construction machine water paint, characterized by: The formulations passed the corrosion resistance and endurance life testing according to MIL The formulation passed all of these tests. The other formulations showed no signs of delamination. It is possible that if the molybdenum disulfide is treated to reduce its acidity as received from the manufacturer, it may be possible to omit the ammonia from the formulation.

While all the formulations provided some level of corrosion resistance, corrosion was observed in the steel panels using MIL-L after hours. Chromium-free waterborne epoxy anticorrosion primer with excellent solvent oil resistant performance. Other surfaces can also be treated, however, such as ceramics. The coalescing agents can also serve to byo secondary effects such as allowing flow and leveling to wet steel, lower surface tension, and provide defoaming properties.

The fastener of claim 41wherein the water-based composition further comprises a dispersing agent. You may choose a language below to continue to this industry or close this dialog above. Various resins were tested for chemical resistance to jet fuel. Representative nonlimiting examples of such coalescing agents include diethylene glycol n-butyl ether DBethylene glycol n-butyl ether EBethylene glycol phenyl ether EPhand propylene glycol n-propyl ether PnPpropylene glycol phenyl ether PPhpropylene glycol n-butyl ether PnBtripropylene glycol methyl ether TPMdipropylene glycol n-butyl ether DPnBtripropylene glycol n-butyl ether TPnBand dipropylene glycol methyl ether DPM.

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The process of claim 15wherein the polymeric binder is combined prior to the molybdenum disulfide. Formulation 8A was somewhat whipped with air, but did not separate overnight at room temperature. In this example, a formulation using tap water was compared to a formulation using deionized water. The composition is in the form of a dispersion when used. The composition may optionally include btk friction reducing compounds. The process of claim 28wherein the water-based composition further comprises at least one coalescing agent. Search Import Export Data of India After application, depending on the circumstances, it may be desirable to allow up to a full day to dry to allow the coating to fully



Bataur The pH of the formulations were as follows: A method for preparing a construction machine according to a water paint according to any of claimscharacterized in that it comprises the following steps: Formulation 5C flowed and leveled properly over a freshly sand-blasted steel panel. The formulations prepared are shown in the following table. In this example, another resin was used. USB1 — Low volatile organic content lubricant — Google Patents However, the composition this invention may optionally include a wide range of pigment choices. Aqueous dispersions utilizing carboxyalkyl cellulose esters and water reducible polymers.



Tautilar Of particular interest in many military applications are new dry lubricants that are water-based, and which provide both corrosion resistance and lubricating properties. However, films dried with compressed air did not show such pigment separation. For formulation 8B, liquid phase separation occurred quickly. The content of such third party sites is not within our control, bym we cannot and will not take responsibility for the information or content. Waterborne polyurethane modified epoxy steel structure anti-corrosive paint and preparation method thereof. Formulation 4D formed a film similar in appearance to formulation 4C, with good abrasion resistance.


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