The Calvary Road , by Roy Hession, very simply outlines personal revival sanctification through being filled with the Holy Spirit. As it says in 2 Thess. In this little book, the process of sanctification, through surrendering all, is simply and clearly revealed for those who are willing to seek the Lord with all their heart. This is not another self help book but a most humbling revelation of the sin we fail or refuse to see and which keeps us from an intimate walk with Jesus.

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Jan 12, Olivia rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Every Christian The word "revival" can spark different thoughts and feelings in different people. In this book, it simply means a life of constant repentance of sin and unhindered fellowship with Jesus Christ.

And in this book, Mr. Hession explains how one can practically go about living such a life. For me, this book was deeply convicting. It was doctrine and teaching The word "revival" can spark different thoughts and feelings in different people.

It was doctrine and teaching that I have been able to immediately apply to my life and see the blessedness of living a life of brokenness before the Lord. As other reviewers have stated, I do think that every Christian should read this book.

Read it expectantly, read it humbly, read it ready to heed the voice of Christ. The Calvary road is not an easy way to take, but it is a blessed road to travel. This was along the same lines as Continuous Revival in terms of content, but I found it less objectionable and more helpful. We should always be willing to confess sin -- to agree with God about what it is and whose fault it is and what it deserves. Jesus took that away -- how dare you snatch it back?

I kind of like the way the KJV puts it: "repentance I was too slow in getting back into fellowship, but eventually I did. I skipped the epilogue with the interview because I was rushing to finish, but I should go back and finish that sometime.


My Calvary Road


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The Calvary Road


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