The book mainly focuses women roles throughout the American Upheaval period. Berkin begins with a brief analysis of the cultural and social norms of women during the American Revolution era. Berkin then examines the way this era helped to change many of those cultural and social norms. She focuses on the way women engaged in diverse activities, which helped the war effort. She mentions a few of contributions that women made towards the American Revolution war. The story sheds light on an enthralling and unknown side of the struggle for freedom in America Kierner

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This book specifically talked about how women used to live back in the old time during war time. Some men may have been sent to war without their consent, but women suffered as well. Berkin described the American Revolution as a home-front war that brought scarcity, bloodshed, and danger into the life of every American.

The author shows how women played a vital role throughout the war. She focused on both high and low social classes. Women did not have the rights and the equality that women have today. Women would never unite in order to fight for their rights.

It is believed that women did not bring any significance in the Revolutionary War, but they actually did. Berkin also wanted to show that the Revolutionary War was actually a very harmful war. The revolution began with protests against taxation and a growing fear towards the parliament. Not only because of those two reasons but it was also for the American Independence.

This war disrupted the normal life of both men and women. Berkin takes a closer look at the lives and roles of the majority of… Related Documents.


Revolutionary Mothers Essay

By Carol Berkin. As we study the Revolutionary War we tend to think of the men that revolted, fought, and petitioned, but have we ever thought about what the women did during the war? Women were the backbone of towns, farms, and other businesses during the war. The book, Revolutionary Mothers by Carol Berkin, shares the stories of what women went through during the Revolutionary War. Carol Berkin writes about what all the women, no matter what race or political beliefs, went through during the war, and how these women handled the war. The book, Revolutionary Mothers, tells of the hardships women of the revolution had to go through in order for life to go on.


Museum of the American Revolution

Moving far beyond the stories of familiar patriot women, Berkin finds a series of lenses through which to examine the time period. She chooses to show the war through the eyes of patriot and loyalist, rich and poor, American and British, Indian and African American women. In doing so, she allows the reader to see the war not as black and white, good versus evil, but rather as a gray-toned struggle, which affected a kaleidoscope of women and their families. It is clear that Berkin admires the women about whom she writes, for qualities such as physical strength, courage, mental toughness, intelligence, and resourcefulness. However, she leaves the reader wondering why these women, who proved their capabilities over and over during the war, did not rise up and demand equal rights as the Constitution was crafted at the end of the war. The women of the Revolution--with the notable exception of the female Indian tribal leaders-- were mostly tied to the notion that their efforts, while valiant and necessary, were merely in support of the men whose job it was to run the country. They offered only the faintest attempts to reach out and grasp their rights as equals in the male dominated society of the eighteenth century.

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