Some but not all include user manuals. KATO today adopts the slogan of. Which 8 tonner? Price being equal and if you plan on demanding little of the machine beyond typical mini ex duties, then it would simply be your choice. They include various manuals on Realistic scanners including specifications, care and maintenance, schematics, and general scanning guides.

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If the heating and air conditioning system is on, pushing the switch will turn off the heating and air conditioning system. Note: If the air conditioner switch is in the off position, the air conditioner will not activate.

In order to enter automatic mode, push this switch. The speed of the fan and the temperature of the air are controlled automatically.

The climate control system will restart in the previous state of operation. The preset temperature is an approximate value. Automatic control of the fan can be overridden. This switch will start the automatic control system only. Push the switch with the left arrow in order to decrease the temperature setpoint. The display will have one indicator or two indicators illuminated.

Refer to Table 2 for additional information. If the climate control system is in the automatic mode, pushing either of the switches will override the automatically selected fan speed. The right arrow will increase the fan speed. The left arrow will decrease the fan speed. The blower fan has four speeds. The indicators on the control panel will display the current speed setting. Pushing the right arrow with the fan in the off position will set the fan speed on the fastest speed setting.

When the fresh air inlet is in the open position fresh air will circulate into the cab and the indicator light will illuminate. Air Outlet Selection Switches 6 - Depress one of the four switches in order to change the selection of the air outlet. Push the switch again in order to switch off the air conditioner. Maximum cooling is selected when both indicators on the left side of the display are illuminated. Continue to push the switch with the left arrow until maximum cooling is selected.

Maximum heating is selected when both indicators on the right side of the display are illuminated. Continue to push the switch with the right arrow until maximum heating is selected. When either switch is pushed quickly, the temperature setpoint will change by 1. When either switch is depressed continuously, the temperature setpoint will change 1.


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