La forma de resolver los problemas concretos estaba sujeta al libre arbitrio de cada uno de los dirigentes. El burocratismo, evidentemente, no nace con la sociedad socialista ni es un componente obligado de ella. Una de ellas es la falta de motor interno. Se basa en una falta de conciencia revolucionaria o, en todo caso, en el conformismo frente a lo que anda mal. Las discusiones suelen volverse interminables, sin que ninguno de los expositores tenga la autoridad suficiente como para imponer su criterio. La falta casi total de conocimientos, suplida como dijimos antes por una larga serie de reuniones, configura el "reunionismo", que se traduce fundamentalmente en falta de perspectiva para resolver los problemas.

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This is an act similar to that of the beehive when at a given moment it releases a new queen, who goes to another region with a part of the swarm. Che Guevara Icons and Muses Pinterest Che guevara, Ernesto che and Iconic photos Willi held his fire, either because he could not shoot with one hand or because prudence indicated that as the wisest course.

To be logical, when we address requests to the developed socialist countries, we should also specify what we are going to do to guevata discrimination and at least specify the most obvious and dangerous forms of imperialist penetration. All these anomalies are possible because of the incontrovertible fact that, at the present stage of bjrocratismo history, the underdeveloped countries are the battleground of economic systems that belong in different eras.

We announced at the beginning of this statement that Cuba would speak here also as a country under attack. There, in places beyond the reach of the repressive forces, the inhabitants can be supported by the armed chd. At night and in the early dawn, Gary Prado and army officer Andres Selich attempted fruitlessly to interrogate Guevara. Who are the ocntra in guerrilla warfare? In contrast with the surging growth of the countries in the socialist camp and the development taking place, albeit much more slowly, in the majority of the capitalist countries, is the unquestionable fact that a large proportion of the so-called underdeveloped countries are in total stagnation, and that in some of them the rate of economic growth is lower than that of population increase.

Triumph will always be the product of a regular army, even though its origins are in a guerrilla army. It was no accident that Cuba was the main scene of one of the incidents that have most gravely endangered world peace, as a result of legitimate action taken by Cuba in exercise of its right to adopt the principles of its own people. It is inconceivable that the burocrxtismo countries, which are sustaining the vast losses inflicted by the deterioration in the terms of trade and which, through the steady drain of interest payments, have richly repaid the imperialist powers for the value of their investments, should have to bear the growing burden of indebtedness and repayment, while even more rightful demands go unheeded.

He chose the latter option and placed his men in a defensive perimeter, in case the troops did discover them. It must be clearly understood, and we say it in all frankness, that the only way to solve the problems now besetting mankind is to eliminate bufocratismo the exploitation of dependent countries by developed capitalist countries, with all the consequences that this implies.

We gusvara in a world that is deeply and antagonistically divided into groupings of nations very dissimilar in economic, social, and political outlook. Burocrarismo the first place we have to note the expansion of the socialist camp and the collapse of the colonial system.

I ask whether that attitude is or is not at odds with the principle of the organization that brings us together — that of practicing tolerance between states burocrqtismo and with the obligation laid by that organization upon countries that have ratified its Charter to settle their disputes by peaceful means. What is worse, those troops had been expressly requested by the martyr, Patrice Lumumba. It should also be noted that delegations representing the Democratic Republic of Korea and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the genuine governments of those nations, are absent, while representatives of the governments of the southern parts of both those divided states are present; and to add to the absurdity of the situation, while the German Democratic Republic is unjustly excluded, the Federal Republic of Germany is attending this conference and is given a Vice Presidency.

There is a clear distribution of spheres of influence between the United States and other developed capitalist powers, embracing the underdeveloped continents, and in some cases, Europe as well. Si conocemos las causas y los efectos del burocratismo, podemos analizar exactamente las posibilidades de corregir el mal. If all the peoples who live under precarious economic conditions, and who depend on foreign powers for some vital aspects of their economy and for their economic and social structure, are capable of resisting the temptations, offered coldly although in the heat of the moment, and impose a new type of relationship here, mankind will have taken a step forward.

We have taken several representative countries as producers of the raw materials or primary commodities mentioned. There is no better way to show what those preferences meant for Cuba than to quote the views of Sumner Welles, the United States Ambassador, on the Reciprocal Trade Agreement which was negotiated in and signed in Since the end of the last century this aggressive expansionist trend has been manifested in countless attacks on various countries on the more underdeveloped continents.

He had no doubt; it had to be the guerrillas. A further step, equivalent to setting burpcratismo a virtual economic blockade, was taken on February 6,when the White House issued a communique announcing that goods bought with United States Government funds would not be shipped in vessels flying the flag of foreign countries which had traded with Cuba after January 1, of that year. The guerrilla fighter burocratimso full help from the people of the area. This conference must also establish in plain terms the right of all peoples to unrestricted clntra of trade, and the obligation of all states signatories of the agreement emanating from the conference to refrain from restraining trade in any manner, direct or indirect.

I ask whether that attitude is or is not at odds with the spirit of this meeting in favor of abandoning all forms of discrimination and removing the barriers between countries with different social systems and at different stages of development. POSTH PDF 36 best EL CHE GUEVARA images on Pinterest in Cuba, Fidel castro and Words Next morning, around 6: The nationalist tradition of the military would not allow it; moreover, the government would thereby confirm everything the Cubans and others had been claiming: It ought to be noted by those who maintain dogmatically that the struggle of the masses is centered in city movements, entirely forgetting the immense participation of the country people in the life of all the underdeveloped parts of America.

Our task at the moment is to find the basic principles of this kind of fighting and the rules to be followed by peoples seeking liberation; to develop theory from facts; to generalize and give structure to our experience for the profit of others.

Later, these acts took the form of measures aimed at paralyzing the Cuban economy; about the middle of an attempt was made to deprive Cuba of the fuel needed to operate her industries, transport, and power stations.

This policy, too, is failing, and the question arises whether there is any point in remaining bound to foreign interests which history has condemned, or whether the time has come to break through all the obstacles to trade and expand markets in the socialist area. While launching so-called austerity programs and opposing the forms of payment necessary for the expansion of trade between countries faced with a balance of payments crisis and suffering from severe discriminatory measures in international trade, it strives desperately to save the dollar from its precarious situation, without going to the heart of the structural problems which afflict the international monetary system and which impede a more rapid expansion of world trade.

Essence of Guerrilla Warfare The armed victory of the Cuban people over the Batista dictatorship was not only the triumph of heroism as reported by the newspapers of the world; it also forced a change in the old dogmas concerning the conduct of the popular masses of Latin America.

The order went out from La Paz at midmorning; it was received in La Higuera, where Zenteno commissioned a squad of soldiers to carry it out. Crezcan como buenos revolucionarios. It cue have to deal not only with the problems involved in the domination of markets and the deterioration in the terms of trade but also with the main reason for this state of world burocratissmo The paradoxical situation now is that, while the loans are either not forthcoming or are made for projects which contribute little or nothing to the industrial development of the region, increased amounts of foreign currency are being transferred to the industrialized countries.

He may have concluded that the Bolivian government would prefer to try him and brandish his capture as a symbol of victory against foreign aggression, rather than execute him. Related Posts


Contra el burocratismo

Publicado por primera vez en el no. Fajardo, La forma de resolver los problemas concretos estaba sujeta al libre arbitrio de cada uno de los dirigentes. El burocratismo, evidentemente, no nace con la sociedad socialista ni es un componente obligado de ella. Una de ellas es la falta de motor interno.


Contra el Burocratismo ? Ernesto ?Che? Guevara - Juventud PSUV




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