Mikashura The one I happen to hold in my hand actually has these words: It has been submitted that this danger could be avoided by means of clauses in the bills of lading but unfortunately, at least under our law, no such clause would be considered valid because the law of tort, if it is considered applicable would, of course, overcome any contractual provision. I am very strongly under the impression that we must not seek for help from the Governments, but that we should try to come to an arrangement. But, Gentlemen, you must please understand exactly what our difficulties are, and give us the means of meeting them. On that basis, and on that basis alone, and despite the fact that this will cause us and the Belgian delegation, as well as other delegations, considerable difficulty in having to enact additional legislation rather than simply ratifying the treaty, we are prepared in the interests of ensuring that the British Government can join this Convention, to adopt the compromise in document CONN.

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Narr Ministers of maritime transport, meeting in its third session in addis ababa from 15 decemberreiterated the importance of cooperation among african countries in the sector in finding appropriate solutions to the problems impeding the development of the. I propose to read the clause, as to the disputed part of it, in the form in which it has been discussed in the conversation. That is to say a Contracting State shall be at liberty to extend the scope of the Convention.

Maritims the unit limitation was introduced as a novelty in the Hague Rules, we now have other conventions on the transport clnnaissement goods by rail, road and air. It is an old-established principle in English law, it is established finally and for all lime until a statute alters it, that where a contract calls for a shipment made in a certain month, that is a matter which goes to the root of the whole contract, as being a description of the goods.

I do not think it would be satisfactory to anybody. Loeff that there is a principle of Roman law whereby there cannot be an action in tort when there is an action arising out of a contract. Sur toutes ces questions cf. Article 5 of the Stockholm Draft Article 5 should read as follows: In our submission this should be true, but unfortunately connajssement principle that when there is a right connaiwsement action in contract there cannot be a right of action in tort should be applied in any case, in many circumstances has not been upheld by our Supreme Court.

Ever General, DMF,p. Shand2 App. We have to take a decision that will last for years and years as it would be very difficult to change the text again. The whole agitation for restrictive legislation of this kind arises quite naturally out of the modern conditions of liner carriage, where you have the lines established regularly running from one port to another, carrying all kinds and conditions of cargo, where there is no preliminary agreement between the particular shipowner and the particular shipper as to the conditions applicable to ,aritime particular cargo.

Nobody has transort raised the slightest doubt that the parties are fully free to stipulate that the contracts agreed upon between them are governed by a given international convention or by a domestic law chosen by them. Le Transport Maritime Sous Connaissement : Droit Canadien, Americain Et Anglais There the general opinion expressed was that we must try to get to a uniform regulation, not along the way of settlement by law, but on the lines of free understanding between the parties interested.

Three small motor companies merge to from connaisaement world wars ii, nissan begins car production again. But when you have to deal with the conference liners, they, of course, quite in a business way, all combine to have certain bills of lading worded in a certain way, so that they may work in conference, and they cannot get out of it, and, with such clauses in the bills of lading as there maritimw now, no cargo owner can make any bargain with the shipowner.

It appears in the document that has been distributed to you that we should add to the Article we had yesterday the proposed amendment to Article 10 in the Hague Rules, which stands as Article 5 here. So this is a perfectly simple way of seeing from the hill of lading what the maximum liability of the shipper is for the goods. That was decided in the case of Bowes v. Buy Print version leslibraires. I have not heard any representatives of the States speak.

The clause is drafted in this way, because you may get in a bill of lading a variety of descriptions of goods in a container. Furthermore, maritime transport will be indispensable in a sustainable future global economy as it is the most environmentally sound mode of mass transport, both in terms of energy efficiency and the prevention of pollution.

The one I happen to hold in my hand actually has these words: But we should like to come to such a regulation in a free way, that is to say, that the rights and liabilities of both parties should be regulated by rules accepted by both parties of their own free will Hear, hearand not under pressure of legislation.

Le Transport Maritime Sous Connaissement : Michel Pourcelet : Available on the Internet: We think that this interpretation is completely wrong and that if this interpretation be held valid the value of the bill of lading as a document of title would be completely lost and consequently we submit to your consideration the advisability of adding a new sentence trnasport order to make clear to everybody that the bill of lading as regards a bone fide holder has the value of conclusive evidence.

Transporrt transport de marchandises par mer. Your e-mail has be sent. I am very strongly under the impression that we must not seek for help from the Governments, but that we should try to come to an arrangement.

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