Even though this type of file can be opened by almost all text editors on Windows-based systems, some of them might contain special encoding that might affect the way they are displayed. A simple solution for dealing with this problem is converting them into the generic and widely-supported text file format, TXT. VntConverter 1. This application is also open source and extremely fast, making the entire conversion process take just a few seconds from your time. Tutorial assets You will need to download the following software to follow along with this tutorial. After launching the application, a window will instantly appear that will ask you to provide the input file VNT.

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Vnote or vnt is a special text file format used by mobile devices or smartphones. Although this is a text format, it has got other descriptions and mixed characters that render the text very difficult to read. Click on the "Example" button to see a real vnote sample. The first reason for this Vnote to Text conversion tool is mainly for convenience.

With some effort, you can stare carefully at a vnote and be able to interpret the message. However, for long messages or even short ones, this tool is convenient to convert vnote to text.

The second reason is the general lack of tools for conversion from vnote to text. There is not much point to have this tool as a mobile or smartphone app, since the messages or notes will be sent from mobiles to be read on PCs. Also a few websites claiming to have such tools are questionable, and those tools require installation to your computer and that can be risky. Hence this Vnote To Text conversion tool is developed, and completely web-based.

There is no installation or registration required. Just use it, enjoy it and spread the word. Usage is quite simple. The steps are: Open your vnote file with a text reader and copy the entire vnote text.

Come to this website, and paste the vnote text on the Text Box on top of the page. Click the convert button and see the results in the bottom Text Box.


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