The meeting included wonderful discussion and interaction among the members while reviewing the specific updates. The latest revisions to SectionFormat and Page Format were published in This was the first update to the documents in 10 years. So the industry will begin to see a shift to these new formats as new project specifications are started using the current commercial master specs. Join the group to receive automatic meeting notices and login instructions. The group meets the first Thursday of each month from - PM eastern time.

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CSI first published GreenFormat in , the most current edition was published in The Practice Guides are best practice references for construction industry professionals. The PDPG presents an overview of the process needed to conceive, design, construct, and maintain a construction project. This Guide describes the many parts of that process and the inter-related roles of the various participants in the process.

Construction Specifications Practice Guide[ edit ] The CSI Construction Specifications Practice Guide CSPG describes the process needed to effectively communicate a project design from the designer to the contractor and other members of the project team for the process of project conception, design, construction, and operation.

The successful communication of a project design depends on the creation of a complete and coordinated set of construction documents both graphical and written. The CSPG serves as a guidebook to the preparation, organization, and coordination of construction documents and focuses on the written description of a project and how that description relates to the other construction documents, the best practices for product selection and the roles and responsibilities of the parties to the process of design and construction.

Construction Contract Administration Practice Guide[ edit ] The CSI Construction Contract Administration Practice Guide CCAPG provides a detailed discussion of the process of successfully delivering a construction project, focused on the roles of the various participants in the process and their relationship to one as described by contractual requirements in standard construction contracts.

The responsibilities of team members are set forth in the contract documents and can differ depending on the method of project delivery selected for a project, the CCAPG describes these different responsibilities and recommendations for successful execution of a project. Construction Product Representation Practice Guide[ edit ] The CSI Construction Product Representation Practice Guide PRPG provides a detailed discussion of the sales and marketing of products used in the construction process, and the contributions that knowledgeable product representatives are expected to make to the design, construction, and maintenance of facilities.

The PRPG provides best practice recommendations for effective construction product representation. CSI Certifications[ edit ] CSI is renowned in the construction industry for the longevity and discipline of its professional certification programs.

These certifications all signify attainment of a level of knowledge and experience in specific practice areas in construction.

All CSI certifications require meeting a minimum level of education or experience to qualify to sit for the certification exams, and completion of continuing education to qualify for renewal of the credential.

Construction Documents Technology CDT [ edit ] First awarded in , the CDT is a comprehensive overview for anyone who writes, interprets, enforces, or manages construction documents. The CDT credential was initially offered as a certificate, and was transitioned to a professional certification in April Over 20, professionals currently hold the CDT credential. Over professionals currently hold the CCS credential. Certified Construction Contract Administrator CCCA [ edit ] First awarded in , The CCCA demonstrates deep knowledge about all facets of the construction project delivery process, the terms of and relationships established by standard construction contracts, and best practices for administration of those contracts to ensure construction results match owner needs.

Over professionals currently hold the CCCA credential. Certified Construction Product Representative CCPR [ edit ] First awarded in , The CCPR demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the construction process, the information needs of designers and contractors, and a superior ability in meeting those needs through effective communication of construction product properties and functions. Over professionals currently hold the CCPR credential.


Construction Specifications Institute

Group members agreed that they expect Project Manuals to be issued with consistent formatting. Packaged rooftop heat pumps. Submit for each joint system specified. This section addresses medical vacuum, waste anesthetic gas disposal, compressed air, oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen and carbon dioxide systems.









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