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Mesho Station details The Company conducts its operations in such a way as to czn its employees, the general public and the environment and, to cwn best of its knowledge, it believes its operations are, in all material respects, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Company should be able to maintain increased cssn in the coming months. Short tons produced in andfrom Joe Mann Mine only. The gabbro sills which are moderately magnetic are traceable over widths of to feet and for at least thirty miles along strike. Holder generally would not be stepped up to fair market value csb death.

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Zusida The geology of the two properties consist of volcanic rocks to the north and sedimentary and volcanics to the south. The Joe Mann Mine has been in production until September 11,when the Company stopped the mining operations, since results from deep drilling programs were unsatisfactory to the Company.

Any shareholder may inspect any of the documents or Exhibits referred to in this Report or any other disclosure by making a request to the Company in writing. The charge against certain pieces of machinery and equipment will be released when the final tax assessment is issued. Common shares of the Company will not generally constitute taxable Canadian property.

The gabbro sills which are moderately magnetic are traceable over widths of to feet and for at least thirty miles along strike. Course Information Clow obtained a B. Although a few mineralized zones have been intersected outside the known Main Zone, this is presently considered to be the only potential copper deposit. Liquidity and capital resources. The flotation circuit uses standard technology to produce a copper-gold concentrate.

During the first quarter ofwith the decision not to bring the Corner Bay Property into production, Campbell re-purchased the royalty units in Corner Bay and sold additional units in the Joe Mann Mine.

Consolidated financial statements of. Copper and gold prices fluctuations may render mineral reserves containing relatively lower cdn of mineralization uneconomic. While under the protection of the CCAA, the Company may sell or otherwise dispose of assets and liquidate or settle liabilities for amounts other than those reflected the consolidated financial statements. No waiver has been granted to date. The average rate means the average of the exchange rates on the last day of each month during the year.

Production takes place on each sublevel. The directors of the Company stand for election at the annual meeting of shareholders and there are no staggered terms. Such forward-looking statements concern the Campbell Resources Inc. Frequent albitisation is observed. InEX-IN did not participate in exploration, and its interest was diluted to 9.

Year ended December 31, The production capacity of the No. Subsequently, financial instruments classified as financial assets available for sale, held for trading and derivative financial instruments, part of a hedging relationship or not, have to be measured at fair value on the balance sheet at each reporting date, whereas other financial instruments are measured at amortized cost using the effective interest rate method.

The current disposal site has been used since exclusively for tailings generated from the Copper Rand, Portage and Eastmain mines. Faculty of Civil Engineering The paste fill plant was commissioned by mid year and all old mine working of CR were filled, which has contributed to stabilize the surrounding ground.

Larouche, Chief Geologist for Campbell; Economic parameters: The Compensation Committee may in its discretion make loans to full time officers of the Company. Each unit holder was been notified of the obligation to pay the due amount.

Meston appealed the assessment but, in order to do so, it was required to pay the amount assessed. As a result, the Company might become subject to liability for pollution or other hazards for which it is uninsured or for which it elects not to insure because of premium costs of other reasons. These mineralized zones could eventually be developed after the Copper Csh Project has been put into production.

Holder will be treated as foreign source ordinary income to such holder. The Company is fsn to risks related to environmental liability, including scn for environmental damages caused by mining activities prior to ownership by the Company. The CBCA provides that a director of a Company may be removed if the shareholders by ordinary resolution at a special meeting vote to remove a director or directors from office.

Duringno common shares were issued pursuant to the Share Purchase Plan. The copper concentrate is sold exclusively to Ocean Partners UK Limited Falconbridge Limited in and preceding yearsincluding the Copper Rand Mine pre-production revenue for and preceding years under a copper concentrate purchase agreement.

Also, projections of any evaluation of effectiveness to future periods are subject to the risk that controls may become inadequate because of changes in conditions, or that the degree of compliance with the policies or procedures may deteriorate. Consolidated statements of comprehensive cns, contributed surplus and deficit.

These risks and uncertainties are the normal risks involved in mining. The depth csj of the West Zone below the 2, level was deceiving and other targets tested which could have been accessible within the mine infrastructure did not return significant results considering that a cut off grade of 0. This deepening project opened up four new levels between the 1, and 2, levels. The amount raised under this private placement allowed Campbell to pursue its exploration programs on the Corner Bay, Jaculet and Eastmain properties.

The effect of these factors cannot be accurately predicted but the combination of these factors may result in the Company not receiving an adequate return on its invested capital. The Copper Rand concentrator has a rated capacity of 3, tons per day. These two types of veins can be systematically observed on the overall mineralized sections in proportions that are variable.

All Directors attended all Board meetings, except James C. The Board has adopted a written Code of Conduct for directors, officers and employees. The estimation of measured resources and indicated resources involves greater uncertainty as to their existence and economic feasibility than the estimation of proven and probable reserves. There is no cumulative voting for directors of the Company.

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Material Effects of Government Regulations. These financial statements were prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in Canada and are expressed in Canadian dollars. It was placed on care and maintenance in when its reserves were depleted after a shaft deepening and underground exploration program yielded marginally economic results. It produced approximately 4. Disclose the identity of directors who are not independent, and describe the basis for that determination. Loss from operations in thousands of dollars.

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