Have you played Call of Cthulhu? Take the battle to the foul minions of chaos! Two Rules to Remember You might be getting the feeling that with multiple editions and more than 40 years of existence, that RuneQuest and Glorantha are big! And they are. But Bigger than you can manage?

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Seven Mothers the Lunar cult Storm Bull berserker god Yelmalio mercenary god of light Zorak Zoran troll wargod A guideline chapter shows how to design new cults. There are many appendices including a daily sun-time calendar.

Descriptions combine fact, fiction, legend, and magic to add flavor so useful in campaign play. If they wish, characters can advance without bloodshed or fighting.

Cults of Prax is a companion to Cults of Terror. Each Cult Description includes: Mythos and History — the acts of the gods before time began, the behavior of the cult since time began, life after death promised to cult members, Runic associations. Nature of the Cult — why the religion continues to exist, what its socio-political position and power has been, some of its major likes and dislikes. Cult Organization — both inter-cult and intra-temple structures are examined, and centers of power, holy places, holy days.

Cult Membership — here are the requirements to join the cult species, birth, ability, money, offerings, etc. Such aspects are examined separately for lay, initiate, and Rune lord and priest membership.

Subservient Cults — includes spirits of reprisal they keep. Associated Cults — from actions during Godtime or after, certain cults are more friendly to one another and will loan certain Rune spells or skills.

Miscellaneous Notes — among the most interesting sections, giving information on diet, behavior, dress, conceptions of the universe, ethics, ostentatious display, behavior toward other cults, more. Note: This is a fully-remastered PDF true to the original printing.

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RuneQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha - PDF

Several hundred gaming miniatures by various licensees and about a dozen plush toys have also been produced at various times. Stafford first tried to sell the game to established publishers, but despite being accepted by three different game companies, each attempt ended in failure; eventually he founded his own game company in , the influential Chaosium , to publish his game. The game detailed the rise of the barbarian Prince Argrath to defend his homeland of Sartar against the red tide of the civilized Lunar Empire, and filled out the area of Dragon Pass; the game has undergone several reissues since that time. The next publication was also a board game, Nomad Gods , published by Chaosium in , which detailed the raids and wars between the beast-riding spirit-worshiping tribes of Prax, a cursed land to the east of Dragon Pass. A French language edition was published by Oriflam under license from Chaosium under the name Les Dieux Nomades in Role-playing games late s - [ edit ] The first edition of the role-playing game RuneQuest was released in On the back cover of this edition, the game world was called "Glorontha" sic.


Cults Book



Simon Phipp - RuneQuest/D100/Glorantha - Cults


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