Dokus Larry stepped over the rope at Barris and asked Jeff where he had bought his brushes. Once completed he drove his newly pinstriped Chevy over to the Bellflower Clock Drive-In where everybody wanted to know how the hell he could afford a Von Dutch artwork on his car. As a youg fellow, I was very pleased to host them until he yb. After Highschool, Watson openend up shop in Long Beach, Cusgom, and continued to work alongside the greatest names in the business including George Barris, Bill Hines, and many more.

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After painting a brand new Oldsmobile he laid in bed thinking about what he could do in order to make the job go faster, he was tired of the 6 hours work it took. When Dean Jeffries returned from his trip back east, Dean and Larry were kicking ass together, knocking out three or four scallop and flame jobs a pinstripinng, and pinstriping their asses off in between. To David, Larry was who Burt Reynolds copied himself after. He continued to push style and ingenuity up until his unfortunate passing the day before his 72nd birthday on July 20th, Views Page Discussion View source History.

I prefer to receive occasional updates with special offers from carefully selected third party partners. After Larry had opened up the shop in Bellflowerhe determined that he had to get his name back on the show circuit, so he decided to do something completely new for the upcoming show at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in April He was a magician with cars and a good pinstrlping guy always looking for acting gigs. He told them he had bj it himself. When Marshall Tripp worked for Larry, Watson had a custoom near the shop.

X Newsletter Sign Up. See all 9 photos. Larry Watson lost his long battle with brain cancer in the early morning hours of July 20th By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of our terms of use.

During the job they put a run underneath the trunk and one on the hood, so he turned to Larry and asked if he could cover the runs up. Zeno wanted something different, no scallops or flames, so Larry body paneled it.

Larry also perfected quite a few new styles, including cob webbing, fades, and veils by using new materials like pearls, candies, and metallics to raise the bar in the booming custom paint realm. As a youg fellow, I was very pleased to host them until he returned. Custom Pinstriping-book After that Larry was the hit of the drive-ins, and every time he got home from school there would bu three or four cars sitting in the driveway ready to be striped.

Brian Epstein of the Beatles lived two houses to the west or north. To David and his friends, Larry was pinstriing coolest guy they had ever met. He bought a brand new Ford Thunderbird and gave it a panel paint job. His inspiration came from watching Von Dutch striping, while sitting on his bicycle outside of Barris Kustoms in Lynwood.

Marshall once drove him to the house to check progress on the remodel work. As Aguirre kept modifying the car, Watson painted it six times.

Marshall Tripp worked for Larry between and When Larry returned to California in late he opened up a new shop in Bellflower. Onlookers were in even more disbelief when he assured them that the stripes came from his own hand. The shop was located on Lakewood Blvd. Related Posts


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