Early career[ edit ] A counselor asked Struzan about his interests and told him he had a choice between fine art or illustration. The counselor described the two careers, telling Struzan that as a fine artist he could paint whatever he wanted, but as an illustrator he could paint for money. Struzan chose to be an illustrator, saying, "I need to eat. He graduated in five years, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors. He also completed two years of graduate studies, [5] and eventually returned to the school in later years, after the campus relocated to Pasadena, California to teach for a short time. About his career, Struzan has said: "I was poor and hungry, and illustration was the shortest path to a slice of bread, as compared to a gallery showing.

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There is not a lot of actual text in the book but this turns out to be, in some ways, a good thing, as Struzan, aided by his wife, is kind of, well, a pretentious arty type. I should have seen it coming. Add to the fact that Drew offers virtually NO commentary on his work, some of it, no doubt, legendary, and you get a nice book of pictures surrounded by windbags tooting their own horns. It is a stunning collection of work and it will, at times, surprise you.

But this book showed me that dozens of movie posters, book and game covers, even commemorative plates that I recognize were done by his hand as well. Things I never would have connected to him are included here, and you can see his iconic style in everything included. Some of the works are new to me, especially his private work, most of which this is its first publication. The book text is weaker than the art; it is illustrative on a couple of pieces, but for the most part I found myself wanting more explanation of his process, and the examples given are fairly random in their selection.

Basically, this is a book you have for the art exclusively. And the art is of course gorgeous; well reproduced and given all the space it deserves I especially like the fold-outs for the related movie series posters.


Drew Struzan: Oeuvre



Drew Struzan


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