Mezirr Please, be aware that we do not know how other university residences work, so we will not help you for any other housing solution you may choose. Send the email for the appointment to Mr Ilan Bialylew ilan. Here is a map showing the main building of the Campus Rnvibus. Tuition fees are approximately Euros for the whole year and cover course expenses only. Nice bus cg06Antibes bus envibus 1,Cannes bus cg06, Monaco bus cg06Menton emvibus cg06Grasse busIsola bus cg06 Wnvibus more information at admission criteria, Applicants who have already a master in one of aforementioned areas can apply directly for the second year of master Ubinet Having a good command of English. The bus does not go directly through the Airport but it passes really close to it.

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Note that most buses do not work after 8. A copy of your High School certificate 6. Academic aspects Will I get a diploma after the first year of Master M1?

Housing insurance The housing insurance is required to check in your room at Crous or any other place you have chosen. You must ensure that the French border police have your passport with the date of your arrival in France. Any reply satisfactory or not will be given to you between June and July.

Therefore we study carefully the academic background, motivation and reference letters of every applicant. Administrative issues When will I receive the letters of admission from the University? An official birth certificate either in multilingual form or translated into French by a sworn translator Should I book in advance any health insurance? Winter Holidays cover the last two weeks of the year.

What are the eligibility criteria? How can I open a bank account in France? Remember that, depending on the geopolitical situation, in some countries it can be more complicated to get a visa. In this circumstance, you will be considered to have arrived in France no later than 5 days after the stamp date. If you live in Antibes, then you can use bus Ligne Exp. Envigus right way to reach Sophia is going first to Antibes Piscine bus stop through bus number about 30 minutes or by train 20 minutes.

You can get a 1-year pass card for the Ligne Exp. Laptops This Master does not provide ,igne laptop to the accepted students who should have their own laptop. More information here or here Students who are 28 years old or over CANNOT subscribe a student medical insurance along with the registration to the university. Apart from my Birth certificate.

Here you will find the location of the Campus Lucioles. In France every student must have an insurance public or private. A copy of your passport or ID card 2. If this procedure is not completed within three months, you may be subject to illegal residence procedures. What are the next steps to follow?

Please see the bottom of the FAQ. What is the procedure for the student registration? However, you will need to wait for about one week to make some cash deposit on your new account and to obtain some means of payment such as chequebook and debit card. For those of you who are granted a scholarship, be aware that you will not receive the Labex scholarship immediately usually, you receive it in November. You can, of course, go to another bank if you prefer.

Is there a possibility for financial housing support? Virtual Machines are provided for lectures that require specific licensed software. Apart from this document, it should be enough to have the diplomas and the transcripts in English.

After the first year you will get, if you successfully pass the exams, 60 ECTS European credit Transfer system which are necessary to apply for a second year in Sophia Antipolis or another place in Europe. The Selection Committee, which consist of the teachers-experts in their domains, will revise all the applications carefully and at the earliest possible. TOP 10 Related.



Kazinos The bus does not go directly through the Airport but it passes really close to it. Note that not all buses go through that bus stop, so check it before in the timetable, and remember to ask the bus driver to stop there in advance even if the bus is supposed to go through Santoline, when nobody asks for this bus stop the bus driver may take a different route, so better ask the bus driver as soon as you get on the bus. We strongly advise you to have a valid health insurance for the whole duration of your stay in France. Only site to buy train tickets.


Dulmaran Skip to main content. Housing insurance The housing insurance is required to check in your room at Crous or any other place you have chosen. What is a standard price for a general practitionner? Here you will find the location of the Campus Lucioles. Then, or at the same time if applicablestart your visa procedure.

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