Increase kiln lifetime and availability Reduce unplanned stoppages Eliminate the root causes of kiln failure Flexible on-site troubleshooting Improve productivity Prolong the lifespan of your kiln The kiln is at the heart of your plant and plays a vital role in production. Timely, on-site kiln maintenance, such as hot alignment and resurfacing of rollers and tyres, can extend equipment lifetime and minimise wear and tear. What we offer A comprehensive kiln health check includes alignment and reconditioning Achieving high kiln availability is essential to the competitiveness and profitability of your entire plant. You need to identify the root causes of kiln failure and eliminate problems before a breakdown occurs. To keep your kiln at optimal health throughout its lifetime, we recommend our key kiln services: hot kiln alignment, and reconditioning of tyres and rollers. Knowledge is power!

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Our rotary kilns are known for their reliable operational performance and their flexibility for upgrades as your business evolves. Cement plant kilns are our speciality, and we work hard to make sure that our cement kilns are space-saving, energy-efficient, and have a long lifespan. Operational reliability The kiln is the heart of a cement plant, and where most of the final chemical reactions take place. Stay competitive by investing in our top-quality rotary kiln designs.

They deliver maximum operational reliability with low operating costs. Go with a cost-effective, proven performer that delivers high productivity and low maintenance. It never needs kiln axis alignment. Everything is visible and easy to reach. In addition, the lack of a kiln girth gear and the low number of supporting rollers helps you keep maintenance costs under control.

Traditional kiln with long lifespan We also offer our traditional 3-base kiln system, a flexible, low-maintenance cement kiln that has the longest lifespan of any 3-base kiln available. This cement rotary kiln has balanced design to create optimal flexibility and stiffness, with as little wobbling as possible. It is available in sizes that range from 3. If your kiln feed has a high burnability index BI , we offer an extended design that suits high BI kiln feed, as well as certain types of alternative fuels.

Graphite seals and precast kiln outlet sectors We also offer graphite seals for rotary cement kilns that boost production capacity and energy efficiency while reducing maintenance. Our flexible design adapts to any size of kiln and helps cut the release of hot gasses and dust. Installation is easy with very little downtime. Another way to cut downtime is by using our precast outlet sectors for cement kilns.

They make replacing a damaged sector quick and easy. Why not have a second set of replaceable sectors ready to go? That way they can be installed whenever your planned downtime is scheduled, reducing costly kiln stops.


ROTAX-2® Kiln

Outotec to deliver technology to Mexico. The agreement means FLSmidth will design and supply the kiln and provide technical assistance for this essential component in rare earths processing. One simple solution to optimize your underground operation. FLSmidth offers profit-share for RC plants. The deal is significant strategically for FLSmidth as it recognises the depth of pyrometallurgical processing technology the company can provide for rare earths production of neodymium and praseodymium NdPr. Aspermont Media is a company registered in England and Wales.




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