If you wish to use Voice Control: A microphone. If you are only intending to use Button Control then no microphone is required. Please consult the Speech Recognition Setup page for more information. Windows 7 - 64 bits or Windows 8 - 64 bits. Notes: 1.

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If you wish to use Voice Control: A microphone. If you are only intending to use Button Control then no microphone is required. Please consult the Speech Recognition Setup page for more information.

Windows 7 - 64 bits or Windows 8 - 64 bits. Notes: 1. A generic, no-name brand USB headset is usually sufficient. Windows 7 and 8 64 bit versions handle memory much better than XP or Vista. In addition, if you have a non-English version of Windows, FS2Crew recommends that you purchase Windows 8 from Microsoft as it easily allows you to install the required English - US voice pack. Voice and Button control are now merged together in the Main Panel.

The option is available via the Config CFG sub-screens. Use the Arrow buttons to make your selection. This is to prevent them from automatically closing whenever you switch camera views. If you wish wish to unlock the panels so they may be closed, press the LK button on the Main Panel. Create a temporary folder on your desktop. You can give it any name. You will be asked to extract the contents of the exe to a folder. Open your temporary folder, and double-click "Setup. When done, you can delete the temporary folder.

Note: If you experience difficulties with Speech Recognition, please consult the Troubleshooting section. You can locate this panel easily by typing "speech recognition" in the Search Box on the Windows Control page page as shown below. Step 2: www. The good news is that anyone can add the English - US language pack very easily. Click here to learn how. Downgrade to Windows XP. Install Vistalizator. Vistalizator will switch your OS to English.

Many FS2Crew users from non-English speaking countries have used Vistalizator successfully so they can enjoy the benefits of Voice Control. Step 4: Run the Voice Training so the computer can learn your voice. You may even want to run the voice training more than once. Works on a "Push-to-Hold" basis. The difference, however, is that the virtual FO will not act on any words or phrases the speech the Speech Recognition system detects.

For example, if you cough, and the Speech Recognition system somehow interprets that as "Gear Down", you will still see "Gear Down" in the Green Bar, but the FO will not put the gear down.

You can select any Joystick or Keyboard assignment or both. FS2Crew consists of gauge files. Right click on the FSX. The following solutions can be used to solve problems you may experience. Then re-load the and exit. Solution: 1.

The SDK allows 3rd party programs to interface with the Simconnect can sometimes be a bit erratic www. If the is not loaded properly, the SDK will not connect properly. FSX multiplayer can also be problematic. Open the file below with Notepad. But when I press that button, nothing happens. Solutions: 1. You may have a conflict with another addon.

I am not able to select a Headset device. If you have two sound cards running in parallel, disable one of them. Some of these types of programs are legal in parts of Europe, but they are not legal in the United States.

Wait for the install to finish. The latest driver conflicts with the FS2Crew Audio engine. If you no longer have your original driver disk, click here to download the original driver. They solved their problem by doing a clean re-install of their OS or by repairing their OS. Follow this link to learn how to repair a corrupt Windows 7 installation. You will need to re-activate Windows 7.

Sometimes users have corrupt versions of the FSX. CFG file. Delete the FSX. It will re-build automatically when you load FSX. Your FSX. This is something users from the UK or Australia often miss.

Open the Log with Notepad. In 99 percent of all cases the problem is because you forget to set your Speech Recognition Language Setting to English - US if using Vista or Windows 7, but sometimes the problem is associated with having a corrupt system that prevents the Speech Recognition engine from loading properly, particularly if the Speech Recognition Init log shows this error: Creating the ISpRecoContext object We also suggest trying a Systems Restore.

If you get this error: www. It may be faulty. Problem: During flight, I get random crashes. Random crashes can be attributable to numerous different sources and can be very complex to troubleshoot. They are often connected to bad video and audio drivers. Also, certain 3rd party scenery or AI traffic in Flight Simulator can be faulty and eat up huge amounts of memory. If you get a random crash, you should try flying in an area that does not use 3rd party scenery or AI traffic.

Certain 3rd party scenery add-ons are infamous for causing problems. FS2Crew adds very little overhead to the simulation in terms of memory usage. FS2Crew is not a heavy graphic program, and heavy graphics are what eat up the largest amounts of memory. You may simply be pushing your system too hard.

You may also want to consider deleting your FSX. CFG file as it may be corrupt. Upgrading to Windows 7 - 64 bits or later is highly recommended. Windows 7 handles memory more efficiently than XP or Vista. Ensure your speech recognition language is set up properly.

Double check your Sound Card settings. When he returned his sound card settings to their default settings - 16 bit 44, - his frame rates returned to normal. Problem: The is not acting properly. Do NOT used saved situation files. The default aircraft should always be the Trike. Check your audio setup. This way all sound should be routed through your main speakers. Sometimes users just have complex audio hardware setups, and they just need to experiment with their audio hardware settings.

FS2Crew uses the right and left speaker channels. If using surround sound, ensure you have right and left speakers assigned and available. One user mistakenly had his rear speakers setup as his his side speakers with no side speakers physically present.

Shutdown any other programs running in the background that may use audio, such as Skype. If you have a 5. Get a USB headset. Be sure to run the Voice Training.

PMDG 4. Speak in a neutral mid-western American style accent in a clear and distinct way. Reduce ambient background noise as much as possible. Upgrade to Windows 7 or 8- 64 bit.



This zip will substitute a blank STAR2. There are two hidden click spots on the oxygen test panel used to test the oxygen. Contains three formats for your convenience Release the parking brake and turn on the taxi light, then start the taxi to runway 15R. Thanks for clearing that up.


FS2Crew: PMDG 777 - Voice and Button Control (P3D V4)

Your name will appear in fs2rew signature area and the Fuel Sheet will then automatically close. As you approach the airport, press the Main Button to call for Flaps 1, then bring the back the speed in the autopilot speed window as necessary. Flight Simulator — Utilities. When —and only when! FS2Crew will handle them!


FSX FS2Crew For PMDG 747-X Mini Tutorial

FS2Crew Flight1 ATR Edition For FS By Andrew Herd 29 April guess that - like so many things - PIC and the DreamFleet started the trend, but one of the penalties of airliner addons becoming more and more sophisticated has been the problem of getting your head around all the actions needed to control and navigate the plane. Once upon a time it was so simple; you just loaded the plane on the threshold, dropped some flap, released the brakes, pushed the throttles all the way forward and held some back pressure on the stick until the rumbling stopped. Sure, there were the delights of VOR navigation to face, but it was a level of complication most people could handle without their heads going pointy. As a result, many simmers turned to Voice Buddy , which lets you speak commands to the plane and for a long while this was just about the only way of flying the more complex sims and guaranteeing to stay out of the hands of the brain police and the straight waistcoat. Very fashionable sir, now just let us give you this nice injection and you can stop worrying about those frame rates. Another issue that cutting edge simmers began to identify was just as different airliners have different checklists, so do different airlines have different ways of modifying them, so a couple of years back we began to see debates in the forums centering around the fine detail of when engine starts and such like were done and it must have been around this period that the developers of FS2Crew had the germ of an idea. What would it be like if a simmer using one of the complex airliner sims mentioned above could have a virtual co-pilot that stayed with him all the way through the flight, carrying out all the actions that a real co-pilot would?


FSX FS2Crew PMDG J41 Tutorial And Checklist

You are on page 1of 21 Search inside document www. The tutorial does not cover every possible procedural nuance or variation modeled in the simulation; rather, it is designed just to get new users up and running as quickly as possible. Basically, all you do is click the Main Button to advance down a preset linear script. Secondary button to perform some minor actions, but most of the time you will be using the Main Button to advance through the simulation. Re-install SP1c or later. Always check the PMDG forum for the latest version!

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