Heartbreaker Synopsis In the still shadows of the confessional, the penitent kneels and makes a bone-chilling disclosure: Bless me father, for I will sin…. Slowly, tauntingly, the man describes his murderous past — how he stalked his victim, worked his way into her life, and then took that life in a violent rage — and his plan to kill again. Only this time, he has raised the stakes in his twisted game, daring authorities to catch him if they can. This time, he has revealed the name of his next intended victim. And I do so love a challenge….

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Start your review of Heartbreaker Buchanan-Renard, 1 Write a review Shelves: read-in , meh-reads , romantic-suspense , disliked-audiobook-version , listened-to-on-audio , every1luvsbutme 2. The 2 main problems I had with this book was Problem 1. There was detail overload. There was just so many details about everything. It really slowed the story down and made the plot drag. I got bored from the start. I kept asking my husband why do I need to know the color and make of a counter top?

Why do I need to have a whole chapter for a secondary 2. Why do I need to have a whole chapter for a secondary character talking about her dog dying?

I get that the dog was killed by the bad guy but that shit could have been wrapped up in a few lines. This book needed to have about pages cut. Here is a few quotes of Detail overload. He turned to the society page on the back first, because he got such a kick out of it. The number of people who attended the community center bingo night was reported along with the names of the winners of the twenty-five-dollar jackpots. Interviews with the lucky recipients followed, telling what each of them planned to do with his or her windfall.

And there was always a comment from Rabbi David Spears, who organized the weekly event, about what a good time everyone had. Tom was suspicious that the society editor, Lorna Hamburg, secretly had a crush on Rabbi Dave, a widower, and that was why the bingo game was so prominently featured in the paper. The rabbi said the same thing every week, and Tom invariably ribbed him about that when they played golf together on Wednesday afternoons. The rest of the column was dedicated to letting everyone in town know who was entertaining company and what they were feeding them.

If the news that week was hard to come by, Lorna filled in the space with popular recipes. The front page was full of news about the proposed town square development and the upcoming one-hundred-year celebration at Assumption Abbey. And there was a nice mention about his sister helping out at the abbey. The reporter called her a tireless and cheerful volunteer and went into some detail describing all the projects she had taken on.

Why the fuck do I need to know so much about the damn news paper? There was more boring details but I got sick of typing them all. Here is another smaller detail overload quote Having made the decision not to fret about Laurant any longer, Bessie Jean sat down at the dining room table and opened the wooden stationery box her mama had given her when she was a young girl.

She took out a sheet of pink, rose-scented paper embossed with her very own initials, and reached for her pen. This time she was going to address her request to the director himself, and as expensive as it was, she was going to spend the extra money to send it by certified mail. That is a little from the whole chapter that was just the little old lady next door talking about her dead dog daddy and all about her neighbors It dragged so badly. Then they are not together again, til like the last few pages.

Now I bought 6 books from this series at a used book store for a 1.


Heartbreaker (Buchanan-Renard #1)







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