The scheme also affords students the opportunity of familiarizing and exposing themselves to the needed experience in handling equipment and machinery that are usually not available in their institution. Before the establishment of the scheme, there was a growing concern among industrialists, that graduates of institutions of higher learning lacked adequate practical background studies preparatory for employment in industries. The Industrial Training Fund I. F solely funded the scheme during its formative years.

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This is an interesting program that offers real experience to anyone who wants to gain new knowledge and develop important skills. It was a big problem for thousands of Nigerians until The program outlined the academic standards for educational establishments in Nigeria. It offered special courses to students who got theoretical knowledge and needed to practice in order to develop and improve their skills. The main goals of the creation of SIWES are: Introduce students to real work atmosphere so that they know what they would most likely meet once they graduate.

Help students get important contacts for their future jobs. Let students work with real technology and gears that are not present in their institution. Allow students develop industrial skills they would need after graduation. Simplify the transition from higher educational institution to the workforce. Universities that establish SIWES unit let their students get more knowledge that would be useful in the future.

Being able to acquire new skills while studying at the university is a step towards better changes in the economic sector and further technological development in Nigeria. SIWES gives a unique opportunity to be introduced to the industrial environment and obtain the technical knowledge while studying.

This bridge between the institutions, students, and industries should make the difference and bring positive changes in the future.


Aims and objectives of SIWES in Nigeria

Continue reading and you will find out the aims and conditions of the program. We will tell you about the importance of this project. History of SIWES At the early stages of the development of education in Nigeria, there was a problem of the gap between theory and practical skills of students. Therefore, there was a need to give students the opportunity to get real work experience.


History of SIWES (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme)

It is a tripartite programme involving the students, the Universities and Industries. It is a skill training programme designed to expose and prepare students of tertiary Institutions for the industrial work situation they are likely to meet after graduation. The scheme also affords the students the opportunity of familiarizing and exposing themselves to the needed experience in handling equipment and machinery. It was headed at inception by Late Dr. Ogunlade, the pioneer Industrial Training Officer.

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