Tweet on Twitter Fred Price, Jr. Occasional viewers of the broadcasts were likely confused to see his father, Frederick K. Price, in his place over the last year. What happened to Fred Price, Jr. Doing Now in ?

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He is the pastor of Crenshaw Christian center in which there are more than 16, members. His audience is mostly black and much like his predecessor of prosperity Rev. Ike his message is also about affluence. And it is most unfortunate how he uses faith prosperity message. After he converted to Christianity he experienced many different denominations. This all was left behind him after he read K.

Frederick K. This developed him into being the chief exponent of naming it and claiming it. Say it and frame it, speak it and keep it. It does. I mean, you know, really, we insult God. I mean, we really do insult our Heavenly Father.

We do; we really insult Him without even realizing it. Hardly a comforting thought see Jms. Why did he leave it up to a puny man to give them the names to the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, and the vegetable kingdom? Because they belonged under the control of Adam and not of God Why? He had dominion. Not God, Adam. How did man fall if we were in control of these kingdoms? As a result of it he got his behind kicked out of the garden. He went out of Eden, out of the garden.

He began to wander around, and he has troubles from day one. Now God was out of the business. God was out of the earth realm. God had no more stock in this earth realm. No more. None at all. Nothing He could do. Not a thing in the world He could do. The only way God could get back into this earth realm, He had to have an invitation. He had to have an invitation. But there is a heresy that is deeper than the obvious slip ups.

The bible says nothing is impossible with God, but Price says it was not possible for God to control what he once did without man. Do we see this happening in the Scripture, absolutely not. But God has to be given permission to work in this earth realm on behalf of man You are in control!

So if man has control, who no longer has it? When God gave Adam dominion, that meant God no longer had dominion. So God cannot do anything in this earth unless we let Him. And the way we let Him or give Him permission is through prayer. Hanegraaff, Price does know his explanation is more than unusual yet he is satisfied with his own exposition for this.

What kind of Bible teaching is this, God is not in control, man is. Who then is God to Fred Price? So, if man has control, who no longer has it? We are in control and God is not! So why pray to him, we might as well pray to ourselves. All of it. It leaves nothing out. He said, All authority in the heaven and in the earth is in My hands. Go forth and conquer. The way God has designed the system, we control.

Where does the Bible say Jesus gave us the control that he has? Scripture proof- none. The only thing Price controls is his congregation with his twisted teaching of the word.

It is bondage to believe these untruths. If you keep talking sickness and disease, that is what you are going to have, because you are going to create the reality of them with your own mouth. That is a divine law. Where did Adams spirit exist before birth? This is nonsense and not a Christian teaching. We as humans did not exist in heaven nor a spiritual realm before our conception.

The Bible says that He has left us an example that we should follow His steps. And he actually uses the bible to bring his thought to our mind… Marks gospel chpt. And it will stay that way. Talk all you want bad mouth all you want. This one teaching Price and the other prosperity lovers cannot teach accurately. Woe to you who are full, for you shall hunger.

Woe to you who laugh now, for you shall mourn and weep. Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets. He justified his flying First Class and driving a Rolls Royce as part of a godly mentality that causes us to treat God First Class and gives Christ a successful image. One hardly knows whether to weep or to laugh at such follies.

Would Jesus or the apostles have this kind of bank account? We need to ask our self why is he saying this? The simple answer: this is how he justifies his need for money and his lifestyle.

Price espouses all the word faith doctrine in existence, after all it all has worked for him so it should work for everyone else. So he must have displeasure in the poverty. Yeah, but Brother Price, but God allows it. God lets it happen. He does, because you do. If so why does James write in Listen, my beloved brethren: Has God not chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him?

You can always tell what people love more by what they talk about the most. It pleased them indeed, and they are their debtors. McConnell p. Price Faith, Foolishness, presumption p. You know why? Nobody could tell that anything was missing. A treasury is for surplus. So He must have had more than He was living on. You cannot justify everyone being rich from the Scriptures.

Did not Jesus ask, what if you were to gain the whole world and lose your own soul? John said anyone who loves the world does not have the love of the Father in them. This kind of boasting and teaching only focuses people to be non-spiritual and love the present world and not preparing for the next where we will spend eternity in. Store up your treasures in heaven was Jesus advice. Prices solution is for you to be prosperous like himself… How?

So then we are the initiator and we live by law instead of grace the emphasis is shifted on you and then there really is no faith because you are no longer dependent on God but on your power.

As I listened to Price explain his theory being only 15 feet away on stage at Word of Life Christian Center in Hawaii, I was fascinated by the way he orchestrated this together. And he applies it to God gave first. The problem with this is God then did not give out of selfless love, but with the motivation to get dividends. He then gave reasons why faith and belief are two different things the opposite of night and day.

Belief does not change your situation.


Frederick K. C. Price

He began CCC in , and since then, the church has grown to become a world-renowned ministry, where services are held in the FaithDome. Since then, the television broadcast has become global. EIFM can be viewed on stations in all 50 states and in 6 foreign countries. Apostle Price is also heard on 15 radio programs and 19 Internet broadcast stations.


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