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This wall must be self-supporting and must rest on a concrete footing. This information is provided as a courtesy to help illustrate some of the HUD Permanent Foundation requirements that apply in our local area. All certifications require an on-site inspection to determine compliance. Also, for individual owners who want to ensure that the foundation of their home is in proper condition and up to code. Can Cole Engineering Solutions recommend a contractor to do the foundation work? Multifamily Radon Testing and Mitigation Requirements.

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However, FHA and VA will only fund the loan if you can prove that the foundation under the home is a permanent foundation. Well, in HUD Publication , is where you will find its definition. The definition is quite extensive and geared, mainly, towards professional engineers.

This page manual is intended for new construction of manufactured home permanent foundations. If you have an existing foundation and are in need of a permanent foundation certification, then the existing permanent foundation shall meet the intent of the PFGMH. Only a professional engineer licensed in the state of where the home is located can make this determination.

In its most simplistic definition, a permanent foundation will generally consist of a skirting to keep out vermin and water, footings and piers to support the home from gravity loads such as snow and live loads , anchorage to resist lateral loads such as high winds or an earthquake, and other considerations. The reason why a professional engineer is required to determine whether it is permanent or not, is because of the safety issues involved with a structure that houses people.

Professional engineers have the training and educational background to determine if the foundation is safe and habitable, and also "permanent" as defined by HUD. Posted by.


HUD 7584 PDF



Permanent Foundations For Mobile Homes - HUD 7584 PFGMH Manufactured Home Inspections Guide


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