Start your review of I Had Trouble In Getting To Solla Sollew Write a review Dec 30, Gary rated it it was amazing The narrator of the story and lead character is a small furry bear like creature, who leads a happy go lucky existence in the Valley of Vung. This all changes when he is attacked by a host of rather nasty creatures - a very fresh Green Headed Quiligan Quail, a Skritz and a Skrink. Unfortunately the journey to Solla Sollew The narrator of the story and lead character is a small furry bear like creature, who leads a happy go lucky existence in the Valley of Vung. Unfortunately the journey to Solla Sollew is fraught with difficulties and dangers, and when our friend reaches Solla Sollew, he discovers that the one little problem that Solla Sollew has, makes the city inaccessible. Eventually he comes to the realization that problems need to be faced and can not be run away from.

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File: CBR, I guess I got gawking At daisies and not looking where I was walking. What a shock! Of mote than one kind. Twas watching those rocks. Then I felt a hard jerk. Sneaked up from in back and went after my tail! Ze Sollew From above! And below! A Skritz at my; neck! And a Skrink at my toe! The rocks! And the Quail! And the Skritz! And the Skrink! Where they never have troubles! At least, very few. So hop on!

Come along! Instead of the city, we ran into trouble. Ze Our camel got sick and he started to bubble. Lae So there, there we were in a dreadful position. Lf i Our camel sure needed a camel physician. Especially on mountains. But we pulled that old Wubble and set out to find Some doctor, while dragging our camel behind, Sollew I furnish the brains. Iwas pulling the camel and Wubble chap, too! You furnish the muscles, the aches and the pains. Iam doing my share. He told me go left. Then he told me go right.

How I wanted to crawl in that bed! Sam Snell, Who knew all about tonsils and camels as well. Our camel, he said, had a bad case of glecks And should lie flat in bed for at least twenty weeks. The bus stop was there. And that part was just fine. And that Horace P. Sweet almost ruined my feet! Take cover! Then the chap in the slicker splashed off like a fish. Tt was quarter past five when I finally slept Sollew Iwas crashing downhill in a flubbulous flood With suds in my eyes and my mouth full of mud And my nose full of water, my ears full of shrieks Of the owls flying off with the mice on their beaks!

Catch the rope! And I saw that my troubles were ot at an end. So, get into line! Attack without fear! He gave me a shooter The glorious moment of victory is neat!

And a glorious clank of his tin-plated pants. And Genghis Kahn Schmitz shouted out to his men. Some times you are winners. Some times you are loosers. There I was! With my shooter and only one bean! With its glittering towers in the air! Td made it! At last I was there! Welcome to sweet, sunny Solla Sollew, Where we never have troubles. At least very few.

As a matter of fact, we have only just one. Just one little trouble, my son. And this one little trouble, As you will now see, Is this one little trouble I have with this key. We do! This troublesome Slippard moved into my door Two weeks ago Tuesday at quarter to four. No troubles at all! So I started to go. Instead I did some quick thinking Inside of my head. Tl, maybe, get stung.

Now my troubles are going To have troubles with me! Seuss wrote and illustrated 44 world-famous books for children Random House.


I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew

The story features classic Seuss rhymes and drawings in his distinctive pen and ink style. The book is a first-person narrative told by a young narrator who experiences troubles in his life mostly aggressive small animals that bite and sting and wishes to escape them. He then goes back home to deal with his "troubles", arming himself with a big bat and resolving that "Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me! In one instance, the protagonist is forced to haul a wagon for a bossy companion. I furnish the brains. You furnish the muscles, the aches and the pains. Plot[ edit ] As the story opens, an unnamed protagonist resembling a cat or dog lives a happy and carefree life in the Valley of Vung, until one day he goes out for a stroll to look at daisies and hurts himself by tripping over a rock, setting off the troubles he will soon face.




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