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Malalabar Tempting Fortune She is even willing to sell her body to save him from his creditors. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! ClaireBryght Malloren. All in all rather frustrating. She gets dumber and bitchier as the book goes on. Tempting Fortune 3. I found the second book in this series to be just as satisfying and quick to read as the first Para empezar, son 3. He saves Portia selflessly again and again, and acts purely out of love for her and a desire to make her his wife.

God help me, the forrune goes on and on. Tempting Fortune is part two of my big Malloren re-read and my first letdown of sorts. I swear if anyone even thought about trying to do some of the stuff to me that these people do, I would not only get out of it but make sure they wished their parents had been neutered at birth.

Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. Naturally he loses more to an ungentle type who threatens to have a henchman carve him up in front of his sister.

She makes it through a VERY uncomfortable situation in a brothel. Lord of Midnight Jan 02, Bevrrley rated it liked it Shelves: She was feisty, but in a totally likable and understandable way. To Rescue A Rogue. The cover is very boring.

No Other Duke Will Do. The Viscount Needs a Wife. The same year, she completed a regency romance, but it was promptly rejected by a number of publishers, and she settled more earnestly to learning the craft. To make things worse the writing is quite wooden, which is very disappointing. The review must be at least 50 characters long.

Dark Champion 3. Marry her though he wanted to, I think he was toying with her emotions when she had suffered a little too much for any woman and needed to be treated with a little bit more geniality.

And to think I found Deanna Raybourn annoyingly mysogynistic. This book had lots of potential, and most of the right things were in it, but somewhere near the end, it lost energy. While Bryght remains so, Portia takes a sharp dive into nutsville, spouting all sorts of nonsense about not trusting him and tem;ting away on their wedding night because she thinks he killed her brother. They are immediately attracted to each other, physically, and exchange rather barbed but witty banter.

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Tempting Fortune


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