Open Source Clean Energy available now! OK this post is a little off topic, but has enormous significance for the well being of remote and indigenous communities globally. Watch this video skip to 10m if you are busy right now and do the maths yourself. I will keep you posted as the project progresses. Every community — be it business, religious, academic, club, or even a whole village — could benefit from the principles that Trilogy inculcates in their daily lives. The motor has some amazing attributes: Pulses, like a heart beat, so its electronic emissions are healthy and promote healing, rather than pollution.

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The shift is beginning. Norberto Keppe. Free energy. In his landmark book, The New Physics , Keppe outlined the basis for a new physics that transcends completely the postulates of Newton and Einstein, and even the proposals coming from quantum physics.

Two prototypes of the motor were unveiled for the first time on the 25th of May, to an enthusiastic group in the theater of the Grande Hotel Trilogia in Cambuquira, Minas Gerais Brazil. The motor was still running cold after 20 minutes at high velocity, displaying efficiency codes far above traditional motors and electrical energy consumption at a tiny fraction of anything else on the market.

It would reduce our energy consumption on the planet substantially. The prototypes hit rpm with a minuscule consumption of electricity provided by one nine-volt battery. The Keppe motor can be used in many areas where human beings use motors now, except with drastically reduced demands on the environment. This makes it immediately applicable in combating global warming and reducing pollution. As well as this, the motor accesses the natural essential energy field, so it actually benefits human health and the environment rather than impacting negatively on the human being as does the traditional electro-magnetic field.

This has immediate applications in health, ecology, agriculture, telecommunications, transport, etc. Anyone interested in learning more about the Keppe motor can contact STOP at 55 , or email kmotor stop. If you are interested in working in partnership with the Association in developing this motor, please email the Department of Technological Research directly at kmotor stop.

This program is broadcast over more than channels worldwide in more than 40 countries. Characteristics of the Keppe Motor Primary source of energy: scalar or essential energy from space. Secondary source of energy: battery or electrical current used only to give the initial start.

Motor heating: none. Environmental pollution: none. Energy consumption: times less than normal. Operating area: any place on the planet because it is not dependent on other sources of energy such as atomic, hydroelectric, eolic wind or coal. RPM: adjustable in accordance with the applied voltage.

Torque: a minimum of 5 times greater than the best conventional motors. Efficiency: depending on the dimensions can be 20 times greater than normal motors.

Impending usage and impact:.


Manual Keppe Motor 1.3 – Working Principles

According to Keppe, the process is actually the opposite, meaning that matter comes from a previous, primary energy called Essential Energy, which is infinite and exists everywhere in the entire universe. Seeing is believing, so why not have your own Keppe Motor Kit to assemble and see how amazing Keppe Motor is? This free energy motor is the very basics to a revolutionary idea that can transform the world of renewable energy. This is a must read for anyone interested in the scientific basis behind this revolutionary Motor. The Manual also contains a number of experiments that you can conduct with this version of the Keppe Motor.


Keppe Motor



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