Kochu Narayani Amma raised Balan as her own son, following the demise of his mother Parukutty Amma when he was just 5 years old. Parukutty Amma , who gave birth to him, passed away by the time he was five years old. He was brought up in Poothampalli House, in the joint matriarchal family, by his aunt Kochu Narayani Amma. He had two sisters, Padmini and Kanakam. His bonding with Kochu Amma was so deep that he kept in touch with her and served her personally through the years.

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Sep 29, - Freedom Hari OM. After our first short session on Sep 22, , members of the Kindle Life study group reconvened today, inspired to be inquisitive and introspective. We started our session offering salutations to Ganesha and our Gurus. We had few new friends joining us today in our learning pursuit. Our first discussion was on Freedom! Well, that is the spirit of this group! Quite Exemplary! We talked about why Freedom is so crucial to a human being: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of expression, etc.

We see this time and again in kids, teenagers, adults, communities and nations. Having recognized that we are free spirits, we then reflected upon the other extreme: freedom abused. We discussed the meaning of the word License, as used in this chapter, to describe freedom that is exercised without regard or concern for others, and, rules laid out for harmonious existence.

Few of us, in the shoes of parents, discussed how it is necessary to give freedom to our kids but also ensure that it does not hurt or harm them. While freedom is denied, some succumb to the authority, while others do not. Based on some of our own experiences, we reflected that when you are given the freedom to make your choices and decisions, you are committed to the decision or action and you hold yourself fully responsible for the outcome.

Our religious textbooks, or scriptures, serve the same purpose to us: humans, as manuals supplied with a machine for its efficient use. The following quote summarizes this essence beautifully: We then moved on to our next topic of discussion: Art of Right Contact. Summarized by,.


Kindle Life

Tips for Aspirants God is Truth; Beauty is truth. He who believes in God and is devoted to Him, even if he commits sins, will gradually attain devoutness and Liberation. The existence of God is not to be proved by logic or reasoning, but it is to be accepted by faith resulting from previous samskaras. For people who are firmly convinced that everything is God and who find joy in Him, what is there to fear, where is fear to be found? The Divine Principle manifests itself to him who firmly believes in such existence of Truth. To him who hugs the idea of non-existence of God, how can the principle manifest itself?


Kindle Life

Yashi Kailash rated it it was amazing Dec 23, His work has resulted in the creation of an international organization called Chinmaya Gitw. Books by Chinmayananda Saraswati. But his life was changed when he met Swami Sivananda at Rishikesh and became interested in the Fhinmayananda spiritual path. So much of wisdom packed in this book and it has all the solutions for all problems.


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In his 42 Years of relentless service, swami Chinmayananda left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of people. He created a vast legacy- a global organization committed to Vedanta and also started numerous educational institutions and social service projects. Youngsters and old people alike use it to understand the basics of Vedanta. Perhaps, many are inspired into spiritual life after reading this preliminary work. Its simplicity of language and easy to read organisation make even a beginner very comfortable while reading it. Pujya Gurudev has made important concepts of Vedanta very clear in this textbook for their application in real life.


Books by Chinmayananda Saraswati


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