You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart. Test Equipment Test Equipment has always been proud of being one of the most progressive specialist suppliers of test and measurement equipment. Australian owned and operated by experienced engineers, we offer extensive product and application knowledge as well as quality service, which translates into a seamless experience when you procure your test and measurement instruments from us.

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The use of other accessories is prohibited as they are unlikely to have the correct safety features. Page 4 Do not use this instrument to check the correct wiring of the power supply. Kyoritsu will not be held liable for any accident that may result from incorrect wiring of the power supply line.

Continuity tester 2. Loop impedance tester 4. RCD tester 5. Uc tester 6. The resistance of the test leads needs to be subtracted from any continuity measurement. KEW B is provided with a continuity null feature which allows automatic compensation for any test lead resistance. Press the test button and ensure the display reads zero before proceeding.

While using the Continuity null function, " " appears on the LCD. The null value will be stored even if power off the instrument. If an alternating voltage is applied between the conductors, the system continuously charges and discharges as the applied voltage alternates, so that there is a continuous alternating leakage current flowing to the system. KEW B provides an automatic path for discharging current as soon as the test button is released to ensure that the circuit under test is safely discharged.

Select the insulation resistance setting by rotating the function switch to the required test voltage - "V" or "V" as indicated under the "insulation" Make the circuit dead before proceeding. Fig 8 4. Press the test button when the display will show the insulation resistance of the circuit or the appliance to which the instrument is connected.


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Kyoritsu 6010B 5 in 1 Multifunction Tester


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