Tojazilkree I just love it. Note that we arrived at 4 p. What is it with that pressure we put on ourselves? Where the toughest question was if, in addition to working full-time, writing full-time, doing promotional tours, and mothering a small child, I had any hobbies. I have to go back to Matera just to have more.

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Zulkigal Note that we arrived at 4 p. I mean, because that was ciococlato work. And then I thought…geez, we never really do enough, do we? This was one of the places I never managed to get to in my posts about the trip last year.

Just cut right to the chase. The Festival has all the same wonderful energy that its organizers do! And lots of chocolate, which I have always believed combines perfectly with Ibuprofen to offset migraines. And then, while the rain poured down, it was time to try to get some sleep for the next big day! As soon as I get a chance! Look at the toilet. But this tour provided so many opportunities to meet interesting and engaged people.

I mean, it looks like this: Everyone promised me this was a career I could do in my pajamas!! And back, with random stops in beautiful churches here and there on the way, and a detour to find a recommended chocolate shop that was, sadly, barred shut:. I wish I could show you this town at night, with the lights in the houses up and down these hillsides. Very fun and welcoming Italian authors of historical fiction.

It was a brief fling, me and triathlons. I gave her Advil, though. This involved not only eating chocolate but a talk from me and a book presentation question and answer session with Isabella. Ladra di cioccolato You are entirely welcome to have this playing while you read the rest of this post. Apparently this met with approval among some viewers. Frantic attempts to shower and get camera-ready in a very nice Renaissance palace hotel where the shower actually pours down onto the toilet.

Of the vaulted ceilings and luxurious bed that Ladra di Cioccolato was sleeping in last post. And you can decide whether any work might be involved. I coined a phrase! The first one to try all the unusual flavors, and the second one to try all my favorites. Ladra di cioccolato : Laura Florand : Even if I did try seven places. Many thanks to Feltrinelli in Florence for hosting the signing and to Cinzia Zanfini for organizing it! Out on a nice plaza sitting at a little coffee table in front of a bookstore, ciocco,ato a gelateria just across from us and a gorgeous view of the sassi over to our left.

Even for incredible hot chocolate. I just love it. Or closed after 2: I have to go back to Matera just to have more. Here are the three Fanucci girls. I even posed on the Ponte Vecchio, because, of course, of the SONG that you are supposed to be listening to right now.

They got calls about it! Look what reward Fanucci Leggereditore offered to those who came out in the rain! More later on that hotel. So that was pretty much a typical day. But I got a chance to meet so many wonderful people on the Italy tour and have such beautiful experiences, that I did want to acknowledge a few more of them. On the plus side, you can get a lot of writing done between 2: It is truly a magical town.

Alas, no chance to see the Castel that Mina had recommended, and off we went, racing by the sea, signing a copy of Ladra di cioccolato for a friendly taxi driver, and just catching the flight back to Rome. SAID is the most charming chocolate store and laadra you have ever seen. In Paris, at least. There was a television crew and I remember doing an interview half in English, half in Italian, but they promised me they would subtitle it for the cioccolto.

By the way, if I ever read another scene where somebody bathes in the Fontana da Trevi, I will throw the book out a window. And the mirrors have no lights. Related Posts.



Shaktitaur Ladra di cioccolato Cristina had to stay smiling and supportive all through this kind of thing! Everyone promised me this was a career I could do in my pajamas!! What do you think? Note that we arrived at 4 p.



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