Mezirisar Nov 13, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: His love for Jacinda makes me feel happy that he finds someone who deserves to love him. Quotes from Lady of Desire. With Jacinda distracted, Billy riffles through her bag looking for identification. The Knight Miscellany 4 Members.

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Malalkree Dancing On the Wind. The Day of the Duchess. The characters are lovable and flawed. April 25, Imprint: You can just say your heroine is a skilled markswoman who loves to hunt and leave it at that. Now with Lady of Desire, a sizzling tale in which a fiery young temptress tames the king of thieves, she delivers her most enthralling-and smoldering-novel yet.

In this case, the muscled and tattooed streetwise-hero is pictured as a thin, fine-boned, knee-breech-wearing dandy bearing a far stronger resemblance to Jack of Will and Grace than he does to, say, Hugh Jackman catch my drift? Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 11 41, 3. If this was real world, this would be a very short and unpleasant story — the various thieves, murderers and gang members inhabiting the area would rob her, rape her and murder her or, in the best case scenario, hold her for ransom from her loving if overprotective family.

This hero has the perfect mix of bad boy and gentleman! His stolen kisses awaken in her a longing for a man she can never possess. Twice Upon a Time. This made a perfect escape from a bad week at work— at least for a few hours!! She runs away from the house and into the hero who runs a criminal gang. Lady Jacinda Knight 3. I love that she is fearless and wants to protect him Her attention to history and details really help to bring her stories vividly to life.

Jacinda is far, far more problematic. Stay in Touch Sign up. I thought the hero, Billy, was sweet, yet he had killed and assaulted many people during his time on the mean streets of St Giles. This is my first Gaelen Foley historical and was very pleased to discover another wonderful author. From what I can tell so far, Ms. Having no other money to pay for passage to her destination, Jacinda boldly chases the little thief into the dark back alleyways of London where she become lost.

Lady of Desire Gaelen Foley. What Readers Are Saying What do you think? Lord of Ice Gaelen Foley. View all 7 comments. Robert and Bel, Lucien and Alice, and Damien and Miranda from the first three books all played a part in Lady of Desirewith Lucien in particular being fairly important since Billy had been one of his underworld contacts. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

References to this work on external resources. Makes me wonder why are they not coming up with more of this good stuff. Billy Blade is very sexy! Do the previous three lead up to this one in any way? Lists with This Book. Open Preview See a Problem? LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Fortunately, before matters proceed too far, Gaeleb discovers the true identity of the young miss. For a thief lord, he was very charming with an air of danger about him that was very appealing. Related Posts


Lady of Desire

From what I can tell so far, Ms. Foley seems to be an author who is consistently good. Her attention to history and details really help to bring her stories vividly to life. I really enjoy her exploration of topics outside the social aspects of the ton, which deftly bring to life the more realistic side of life in that era. Her descriptions of life in the rookery and some of the social and political issues of the time give voice to a different segment of the population, as well as a stark reminder that unfortunately some things never really change. The story got off to an explosive start, but then seemed to loose some steam especially through the middle, and while the ending satisfactorily wrapped everything up, I felt that it was a little too simplistic. Billy had felt thoroughly unloved and unlovable all his life, and to have just a few words be able erase all that, was a bit too easy in my opinion.


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