Page 3 Lexmark offers a lower priced C model, which provides the similar printing The standard paper supply varies from capabilities as the C but does not offer the sheets one sheet drawer, plus a multifunctional upgrade path. It features a two-line LED display. The quality of the control panel has Page 5: Installation Installation: multiple remote PCs from their desktop as It took just 10 minutes to install the Lexmark shown in the screenshot below.

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It also demonstrates how you can link commands to abbr eviate them. Control Cod es Control Codes are si ngl e-character instructions. The command parameter variabl es are ind i cated by a nu m ber sign. Comma nd Paramet ers A command parameter set s the value for a command. This v alue stay s constant unt il eithe[ The Uni t of Meas ure defines the unit used in t he following c ommands:? Feed direc tion mea ns which side of t he print media, e ither the short ed ge or the long ed ge, feeds through th e printer first.

Note: This comma nd will not[ Note: Set Font ID be fore using this command[ Before se nding data, set t he presentat ion mode, the resolut i on, the compression mode, the raster heig ht and w idth, and start raster grap hics. These parameter s are in eff e ct until you overwrite them with a dif ferent command or ther e is a pri nter reset. T o ensu r[ Each example dr aws the same s quare outli ne 64 bit s 8 by tes wi de b y 64 scan l ines long. Unc ode d Dat a Uncoded Data is not compresse d.

O nly those byte s needed to form the image are sent. Each bi t represents a single dot. In the firs t by[ I t also allows th e printi ng of empty rows all ze ros or duplicate rows. It refer s to a s tand ard for compre ssion as well as the library that implements the standard. The zli b compression method use s the deflate al gorithm. Compressed data is a series of vari ably[ Next, start the macro defi nition, send th e contents of the macro, and stop the macro defini tion. Note: Altho ugh a macro may be calle[ The rest of the PJL command is not case sensit ive.

The UEL command is case sensi - ti[ When the prin ter receives a JOB command, the print ti meout is multiplied by 10; when the print er r eceives a PJL EOJ command, the print ti meout is reset to the user defaul t.

The Wa i t i n g message appears on t he printer operator p anel display or throug h[ The name may be any combi nation of print able character s, spaces or hor iz ontal tabs up to a maximum of 80 charact ers, spaces, or tabs.

The job name m ust be enclosed i n double qu otes, as i ndicated by t he command [ The foll owing co mmands modify the envir onm[ The new setting i s acti vated with the occurrence of the next PJL reset conditi on. They are marked Se[ V alues for " device:f ilenam e. The foll owing common vari ables are s upported for bot h PCL emulation and Post Script emulation, unless ot herwise noted. Therefore, the [ comm and mod ifi[ OFF enab les menu s. Offs et refers to stacking enti re print jo bs or copies of the sam e p[ The text string is t runcated t o 24 cha[ Therefore, the [ command modifi er: va lue ] parameter sh ould not be specified.

The text string i s truncated to 24 chara cters. When queri ed, the qu otes are no t returned a round the string nam e. Th e default name is re turne d un les s you have sp ecified a cu stom n[ The text string i s truncated to 24 chara [ The text str[ The text string is t runcated to 24 chara cters. Th e default name is re turne d un les s you have sp e[ The text s[ The text string is t runcated to 24 chara cte[ The text stri ng is truncated t o 24 chara cters.

Th e default name is re turne d un les s you have sp ecified a cu sto[ Use these variables onl y for PCL emulati on. Use these variables onl y for PostScript emulation. For example: [ In a ddition, the printer can also be instructed to send unsolici ted status information back t o the host computer when asy nchronous events occur , such as a memory error or a pape r jam.

T o de[


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