Gujin Presumption of unfitness to drive General conditions attaching to all permits. Necessity for driving license. Power to fix the age limit of motor vehicle Limits of speed Award of interest where any claim is allowed Short title, extent and commencement. Procedure and powers of Claims Tribunals. Using vare without registration.

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Full address of the deceased. Age of the person dead. Preet Kaur aged 5 years and Maninder Kaur aged 3 years at the time of accident. Occupation of the deceased. Studying at Anganwadi School Ahlupur 5. Monthly income of the deceased. Does the person in respect of whom compensation is claimed pay income tax? The accident took place in Mohali District Mohali on at about 9.

Was the person in respect of whom compensation claimed travelling by the motor vehicle involved in the accident? If so, give the place of starting of journey and destination. Nature of injuries received by the deceased. The deceased Preet Kaur and Maninder Kaur received multiple injuries on his body and they died on the spot.

Photocopy of Post-mortem Report is attached herewith. Period of treatment and expenditure, if any, incurred thereon. Preet Kaur and Maninder Kaur died on the spot. Truck No. Not known, to be disclosed by Respondents No. Respondents No. Oral requests were made but to no avail. So far, no claim has be lodged in any court of law. Relationship of the Claimant with the deceased. The Claimant No. Title of the property of the deceased. Legal heirs, representatives of deceased Preet Kaur and Maninder Kaur Reasons or grounds for late submission of claim petition on which condonation of delay is claimed.

Not applicable. The deceased Jiwan Kumar was an able bodied man of 30 years. His total income was Rs. Out of which he used to provide Rs. Being hard working by nature his income was growing by day by day. This means he would have earned about 1. All the claimants have lost love, care and affection. The future of the claimants has got ruined. The family has suffered and irreparable loss due to untimely death of deceased Jiwan Kumar.

Cause of death with brief description. HR and he reversed the truck on a very high speed towards Anganwadi school. All of them started calling him to stop the truck and raised raula. Ranjit Singh alias Bittu respondent no. Wall of school fell down. Mangat Singh etc. Hundred of people collected there. Preet Kaur and Pooja Kaur died on spot due to injuries sustained there.

Manjeet Kaur Headmistress of Anganwadi School also reached there. Other residents of village gathered there. Manjit Singh alias Bittu ran away from the spot after leaving the truck. It is, therefore, prayed that the claim petition may kindly be accepted with costs and claimants may kindly be awarded compensation to the tune of Rs. The Claimants also be allowed to appear through their counsel.


MACT Claim Petition Format U/s 166 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988

Shaktisida Imposition of minimum fine under certain circumstances. Section95 — Power of State Government to make rules as to stage carriages and contract carriages. Validation of permits for use outside region in which granted. Section — Liability to pay compensation in certain cases on the principle of no fault. Riding on running board, etc. Scheme for payment of compensation in case of hit and run motor accidents Production of certificate of Insurance on application for authority to use vehicle Section — Award of interest where any claim is allowed.

AFI 51-201 PDF

Bare Act: Motor Accident Claim Tribunal [MACT]

Mujar Limits of weight and limitation on use. Section — Issue of permits to State Transport Undertakings. Duty to produce licence and certificate of registration Revocation of driving license on grounds of disease or disability. Safety measures for drivers and pillion riders. Provided that where all the legal representatives of the deceased have not joined qct any such application for compensation, the application shall be made on behalf of or for the benefit of all the legal representatives of the deceased and the legal representatives who have not so joined, shall be impleaded as respondents to the application. Section27 — Power of Central Government to make rules.

IEC 62271-1 PDF



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