He is an experienced project- and programme manager, works as a consultant for many different organizations and is dedicated to improving his field and delivering quality results. Efficiently and effectively. His current focus is to find better ways to combine the best practices in project- and programme management with Agile ways of working. He also really loves dogs, gardening, and his wife. Not necessarily in that order.

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The result of any compromise to the level of quality can have damaging long-term effects in terms of the total cost of ownership of the final product as it may suffer from: reduced usability degraded performance lack of engagement with the user community.

Therefore, this should be avoided. PRINCE2 Agile protects the level of quality and ensures that deadlines are met by reducing the amount delivered by the project but not reducing activities that ensure that the quality level is met. Change can take the form of a new idea that has not previously been thought of or a misunderstanding where an assumption proves to be incorrect. Change should be seen as positive because a more accurate final product is likely to be produced. It is important to distinguish between minor change e.

This illustrates the importance of setting the project baseline in the project initiation documentation PID at the correct level e. Definition: Trading or swapping The act of handling change by replacing one or more requirements or features or user stories with others of a similar size in terms of effort.

If the work being undertaken is reasonably straightforward, this can solve the problem. However, when the work is more challenging it probably will not — particularly in the short term. This is the primary reason why the tolerance for cost is set to zero. Although this has an impact in any situation, the agile way of working is particularly impacted by the changing of personnel.

This is because agile utilizes such things as informal communication and self-organizing while scheduling work into short timeframes e. Therefore, changing team members or adding to the team can have a far more detrimental effect than normal for reasons such as: Time is spent bringing new team members up to speed. The number of communication lines in the team grows exponentially. There is an opportunity cost incurred to the areas providing the new people. The team dynamics change and need to be re-established.

Definition: Team dynamics The interpersonal interactions between the individuals on a team. This relates to the culture and attitudes of the people in the team and needs to be managed carefully: it can be a very positive and powerful force when it is working well, but it can be destructive when it breaks down.

It is important to understand that team members may need to change throughout the life of a project as the needs of a project change, but this concept of avoiding the use of extra people to improve progress applies primarily to the short term — for example 4 weeks or less, such as within a sprint. Usually no, although the customer may not realize this at the start of a project.

This point can be easily demonstrated by looking at products we frequently use, and analysing how many of the functions and features we rarely or never use. A washing machine is perhaps a good example of this because it would normally contain many functions and features as well as a wide range of spin speeds, temperature settings and programmes. It would, however, be unusual to find many people who used more than just a few of the options available.

Most people would use two programmes at most. The importance of this concept lies in the PRINCE2 Agile belief that the features of the product are the safest and most sensible area to compromise on i. A project using PRINCE2 Agile does not set out with the intention of not delivering everything, but it does aim to hit deadlines and protect the level of quality by reducing what is delivered accordingly.

This in turn can result in the early delivery of a minimum viable product MVP , and in general terms the project delivers what the customer really wants or needs more quickly.


Prince2 Pocketbook

All the roles have been considered and are backed up by agreed role descriptions. The relationships and lines of authority are clear. For small projects a single document is appropriate. For large projects it is more appropriate for the Project Initiation Documentation to be a collection of stand-alone documents.


PRINCE2® Pocketbook - Online Subscription

Page: View: Managing projects just got easier This book will help you come to grips with the basics of project management in a week. By the end of the week you will know your way through the process more clearly. For a start, you will have to consult your end users to work out their precise requirements. You will then need to work out the best way to deliver the required outputs, consider the size of the team you will need to meet those requirements and prepare a schedule for the project. Most importantly, you will need to firm up costs, work out a budget and develop monitoring procedures to keep to the agreed costs. You will learn tips for communicating well, especially when dealing with unexpected problems that may arise. Each day of the week covers a different area and the material is structured for ease of reference.


Project Initiation Documentation, PID

Increasingly, managers of all sorts are called on to manage projects. But there, some non-Governmental organisations have adopted it. Some have done so because they work with the public sector. Too many large IT projects were over-running their budgets and schedules. Soon project managers used it for all manner of Government projects — not just IT.

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