New Erotic Romances! Warm up with these steamy reads from SharaAzod. Kamali Oriade is in over her head and terrified for both herself and her son. After watching her father murdered before a significant portion of her pride was wiped out by a merciless rogue lion, she soon finds her terror transforming into cold, unerring determination to survive.

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Snarling, Gleb rolled in the snow, saturating his fur. The cold helped. It focused him a little. But the ghost of Katya would not stop haunting him. His beautiful, treacherous mate. How tenderly he had wooed her. In the brief five years they had together, he had been careful never to allow his animal out of the cage. Not too much. But she never had.

Two years after giving birth to his young, his beautiful Katya had walked off a cliff into Taui Bay. She had screamed at him that morning, claimed she was cursed because she had lain with an animal. No matter how much he had loved her, she could not accept him for what he was. She never accepted her own sons. Instead she had chosen death over an extended life, extended youth—with him.

Somewhere along the line, Gleb had lost hold on his sanity. All Gleb could do was watch, unable to express love, unable to tell them their mother really was a beautiful soul who had been warped by rigid ideals of right and wrong.

It had been Valeri who had told them their mother had been killed in an accident. But instead the perfect Valeri with his perfect family had taken his sons and made them their own. All the while Gleb had been left to rot, to fester alone. Ahhh, but he had repaid Valeri! It had been so easy. Little Luka had found his mate far sooner than any tiger.

It was such a simple thing to trick the little brat into a claiming bite long before it was time. Killing Lilya had been the icing on the cake. His brother was probably no better off than he was by now. How long had it been? He had stayed away, knowing what time would do to Valeri. The loss would have eaten him alive.

Luka deserved what happened to him. And his mate. The beautiful doe-eyed little girl with a smile like fucking sunshine. She was dead now. As well she should be. Just beyond the ridge that led to the village in the territory where Teegrs wintered, Gleb shifted into his male form.

Even through the heavy snowfall he could see his skin was pasty white. His hair hung to his shoulders. No matter. It sounded like The cries of a woman in the throes of passion were unmistakable. It was a tiger, of that there was no doubt. One male and one female? There was no such thing as a female tiger shifter. Yet the smell, although he had never experienced it before, was unmistakable. That was a female feline. Feet moving of their own accord, Gleb was drawn to the smell. Surely he was mistaken.

Maybe after staying in his tiger form for so long, his senses as a man were off. Just as the man bellowed his own completion, Gleb saw them. And yet, right before his eyes was Valeri, completely sane and mating with a female tiger. A very gorgeous, dark female tiger. Her lines were as sleek as they were feminine. Instead of breaking apart and cuddling as Gleb had always thought was normal after a coupling, the female turned and sank her fangs into Valeri, before pushing him down and mounting him.

And more than Valeri deserved. Damn it, his brother was supposed to be wild-eyed and crazy. Not undulating under the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen! Gleb dared to creep closer, as close he could without being detected. There was no way of knowing how much of a predator this female was.

The female could move. Her hips were hypnotic the way she rocked them down on his brother. His brother. Why did the good things always happen to Valeri? Even then, Gleb found it difficult to move.

A female tiger shifter. And she was amazing. Being claimed by and in return claiming her mate—her mate! There was a smell in the wind, faint but there.

It was almost like another shifter, but one that was very, very sick. Not physically either. So he smelled it too. He is He is not here for good. The hair at the nape of her neck was standing straight up. Every protective bone in her body went on high alert. Whoever was out there, brother or no, was prepared to kill. No one threatened what was hers. Valeri had obviously never paid attention to the nature of a female predator.

Allowing her body to remain limp, she waited. Valeri was tense, ready to push her aside and spring into offensive. Well too bad. She was no shrinking violet; it was best her mate got to know that right away.

She just hoped Valeri could understand this was who she was; a born warrior. The more alpha the male, the harder time they had dealing with the fact females were more ruthless than they could ever dream.

Valeri was ultra-alpha. This was about to get tricky. Before either male got the chance to make a move, Megan leapt up, changing midair and clashing with the tiger who had just sprang to attack them. His razor-sharp fangs narrowly missed her throat as she feigned to the right and managed to sink her own fangs into his foreleg. She felt Valeri behind her, felt his panic that she had engaged, but there was nothing he could do.

They both knew if he intervened right now it would give Gleb the upper hand. Thank God Valeri was wise enough not to break her concentration.

But he was most certainly pissed, and scared for her. Awww, how sweet. The deranged tiger was about to learn the true meaning of the phrase cat toy. And damn, did it ever feel good to let her full tiger free without fear of discovery!

I can handle this! But for crying out loud, it was his brother! Well, it was going to end—and it would end today. How sad. Megan had never spoken in tiger form, but she had never been around anyone when she shifted either.

Could she speak too?


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