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Save Story Save this story for later. There was always something to talk about. The avant-garde music that verged on conceptual art but was delivered at a relaxed and buoyant foxtrot. The memorable melodies that sat atop a virtuosic harmonic conception, emphasizing unexpected dissonances.

The blues that were an unchanging constant. At the beginning, Thelonious Monk was a shadowy figure known only to fellow-innovators. After Monk spent a few more years in penniless obscurity, suddenly, most of New York City went to the Five Spot, where he was in residence for multiple months in From there he became a household name and one of the biggest draws on the European circuit. It was stubborn, incantatory, utterly African.

Occasionally, when his left hand opened up and gave an accurate quotation of glorious Harlem stride, it became downright anachronistic. Some of the cognoscenti were bewildered, at least at first. Most of the skeptics ended up admiring his compositions, although certain great musicians, like Miles Davis, Lennie Tristano, and Oscar Peterson, would continue to dislike aspects of his playing.

After his death, in , scholars and fans settled down and began doing the serious work of parsing the complexities and clearing away the controversies. In , Robin D. Being complete knowing defeat keeping on from year to year. The poets are correct. Monk will always challenge conventional jazz. After Louis Armstrong, the artist who gave the most early energetic life to this essential chiaroscuro was Billie Holiday.

As a young man, Monk would lie in bed and stare at a photo of Holiday taped to his ceiling, illuminated by a single red light bulb. In his maturity, Monk would always play a standard redone in harmonic and melodic terms just as specific as an original Monk composition.

Monk is all the way inside the tune while simultaneously impossibly distant. His reading of the original melody is relentlessly accurate, so it must be the manipulation of tone and accompaniment that produces such a complex final product. But the rules and regulations concerning voice-leading in European music are not discarded. Video footage can help when assessing the performing arts, but not always.

There is nothing more boring than decent jazz on a flawed video. However, in the case of Monk, videos are always a true bonus, especially the videos of the working quartet with Charlie Rouse, in the nineteen-sixties.

Although nobody was more laconic than Monk, none of the twentieth-century jazz greats were especially verbose when an outsider asked them about their music. Where to begin?

Two is one. His wife, Nellie, called him Melodious Thunk. Happy hundredth birthday, Thelonious Monk. Ethan Iverson is a pianist and composer based in Brooklyn.


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