Sometimes all it takes is a little hands-on mentoring to take you over the top It takes more than claiming prophecies, more than "sowing seeds," much more than falling under the anointing or being slain in the spirit, as some people call it If you are ready, this is the opportunity for that hands-on promises-to-reality experience that will change everything for you EARLY in Calvary Greetings This is a very rare moment

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What does this dream mean?. Dreamt cooking a pot of pap of mealie meal. My daughter was carrying pkates but they dropped and no one was to eat the pap ……….

What does this dream mean Loading A friend of mine has dream thrice giving birth to twins and she is not married. What is the meaning of such a dream? Inge Araes Nekongo February 5, at pm Reply Inge Elisha what does this dream mean i have docoments in my hand in the dream seems to me was look like i fax i received through my fax but i cant read or see clearly what is on the paper evrything was black i just go deeper and deeper in to the dept wat must i do close down the business or what my 2 teens one in grade 10 and other one grade 12 my son from not getting job he turn 26 this year does god sees my suffering my mother dont have even food to eat because i canot give her anything its very hard i pray all your prayers daily in the evening pray for me not do loose hope and joy and love of my familiy is very impotant to have faith in God Loading I dreamt that I was empting out the septic tank and watering the garden with it using a hose pipe.

What does it mean? I prayed for a job at MFM Jamaica a few weeks ago, and and my husband and a store owner he bought a tv from, walked into the house and offered me a job the same day the tv was delivered.

Now I feel like quitting the job because the hours are too long and leaves me with little time for church, except on a Sunday. I had a dream that I was walking and collecting all my clothes I lost over the years and pulling down my ministry seat from heaven along with many other good things.

Should I quit this job? To God be all glory and honor. I dreamt of my self being chased and corned by a lion. When I screamed my wife waked me up. Please help and translate the dream. Racheal May 4, at pm Reply please help me, most of the time when i dream about a funeral then there will be someone who will pass away its either from my family or friends or anyone am close too….. Greeting man of God thanks for everything you teaching US in this sites please help me I had a dream having pregnant in the dream by my ex boyfriend Loading Kesha June 17, at am Reply Hi Please help me with the dream i had last night , its like i was complaining to my mum about my marriage problems to her then she told me take some muthi and bath with it as i am bathing i must ask the Lord to show me before december if the man i have is the right man.

Otieno August 15, at am Reply I dreamt that me and my elder brother were going back to our town from a trip in another town. We were waiting for our flight and he had bought some white sports shoes for himself and me. Further to that he had handed to me a big brown envelope with some contents inside.

We someone stole our new pair of shoes and we tried so hard to look for them. What could be the meaning of this dream? Kenya Loading I have had so many dreams since I made an application and one day i received a phone call from unknown country called IRAN the person who talked to me said i should wait. When i walk up i felt convinced that i will get the job but i should wait.

In a woman in my church saw me in a vision. I was doing a big job with a big position with two secretaries.

I later own got a government job as ateacher. But when a reported to the school where i was posted a voice at the gate told me i do not belong hear i. I didnt know what it meant. One of the Junior Pastors found me in church cleaning in and as he was praying he got a revealation that i dont belong to my current work station.

He advised me that i start applying for a big job. I prayed and i have been applying no interview. Another prophet also prophesied to me that i have a big job. Anytime am disturbed by students or employer something tells me you dont belong their. I have applied so many jobs others people even apply for me without me knowing. RIGHT now i have strong revelations that am going.

Is it like the Story of Abraham. Advice how do i get to my promised land. What is causing this delay. There is nothing i have not done. In i even felt something stongly that i should give all the money.

I was so disturbed and i told myself if its God and he wants me to give all my salary i will. Any time i had a willing heart to give a big load feel out of my body. Finally i had to take a loan where before i got a promotion the bank was takng all my mney to pay off loan. I thanked God even if am working with no salary I gave money to church. How do i get to my promised land. I finished academy and am now pregnant. I want to fast but cos of prenacy i cannt. Advice the revelation that am going to new job is always pushing me Loading


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Seeing dangerous animals in your dream Dreams of contacts with dead relatives Dreams of being attacked by armed persons Dreams of being accused in court Dreams of wearing tattered cloths Dreams of finding yourself naked Dreams of having your things stolen Dreams of having your wedding dress stolen Dreams of going back to childhood days 40 Common Dreams - What They Mean Given that situation it is no big surprise that most people have all but forgotten the wonderful dreams they used to have as kids, and sometimes, as adults. No wonder they are not making much progress in life. Now to the Good News You are a product of your dreams. And the LORD wants to meet you in your dreams all over again. He wants to restore to you the keys to open locked doors that the enemy has most likely stolen from you already. How will He do it? And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.


40 Common Dreams Plus 101 Prayers To Deal With Them By Elisha Goodman



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