We need to get it right and those verses are sure in the mix. The Arabs attacked ISrael on all fronts the moment they declared independence…. The Jews were gathered back into their ancient homeland just like Ezekiel foretold thousands of years ago. Why are they awaiting the Messiah, just like prophecy states will happen? Perhaps I am being the wrong place at the wrong time, since there have been others recently who have been unfairly aggressive to you. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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It is astounding to realize that prophecy is the calling out, a priori, of events ahead of time. In other words, He is setting a standard to which only He can adhere. No one else can make this claim! As we shall see in later chapters, there are impostors throughout history who attempt to prophesy, yet their predictions are wrong. He begins this assault shortly after the birth of Jesus when Herod sends his soldiers to kill all of the children two years old and under.

We see his attempt later when Jesus is tempted while he is in a weakened state because of fasting. Jesus is then offered all of the kingdoms of the world and yet He refuses. I believe that when Jesus went to raise Lazarus from the dead that there were Jews who were trying to kill Him. He was a marked man and the Fallen One sought to rob, kill, and destroy Him.

I have established that the Fallen One is trying to kill Jesus. That has been firmly outlined in the pages of this book. He is aware that Messiah has come to liberate mankind, as is evidenced by the sick who are being healed, and the demon possessed who are being set free. He is making it very clear what His mission is while on earth, to destroy the kingdom of the Devil and place it back into the hands of its rightful owner, man.

This is both a micro and macro declaration. Micro, in that Jesus is healing people, one on one, on a personal level. Lepers are healed, the dead are raised, and the sick recover, and on and on it goes.

Can a skeptic argue with that? On a macro level His mission is to provide a way to redeem all of mankind, everyone who will come in the years after his death and resurrection. He will literally reclaim through His death on the cross the title deed to the earth that the Fallen One usurped when Adam fell to temptation in the garden. What have we to do with You, Jesus of Nazareth? Did You come to destroy us? I know who You are—the Holy One of God! So we see that Messiah is going about His mission of destroying the kingdom of the Fallen One, i.

Again I will bring to your attention that the Fallen One is not all knowing. While he can read the prophecies of the coming of the Messiah, he does not fully understand the game plan of the Most High God.

In fact, as we shall see in a few moments, his lust to kill Jesus actually plays into the divine plan to set the captives free — every man woman and child bound under the system of the Fallen One — and to reclaim the title deed to the earth! Jesus informs His disciples that He is going to Jerusalem to die. He mentions this several times. I believe that the Fallen One and his minions are not able to read minds. They can, however, put thoughts into our minds. They can suggest ideas, schemes or plans and I believe that they listen to what we say and from that get a good idea of what we are thinking.

I also believe that there were a group of fallen angles and demons specifically assigned to Jesus to monitor everything He did, everywhere He went, and everything He said. I also believe that at the same time the enemy had his troops in position, Jesus was surrounded by good angels, sort of an angelic team of bodyguards. I think we get a glimpse of this in Gethsemane when Jesus is comforted by an angel as he sweats great drops of blood, and He informs those who have come to arrest Him that He is able to call a legion of angels and stop all of this if He so desires.

No man takes His life, but He lays it down willingly. That being said, is it possible that Jesus is talking of His death in a way that is baiting the Fallen One? Remember there is a heavenly war that is being waged and it is going full force while Jesus is on the earth. The Fallen One has also infiltrated the ranks of Jesus inner most circle.

This again is a deliberate, strategic move because now he has a man on the inside that he can control. It is no accident that Judas is in place. Remember, the Fallen One is not sure of what the mission is. He is losing his kingdom of death and destruction to Jesus, because wherever Jesus goes He brings about the exact opposite, which is life and wholeness!

The final hours leading up to the death of Jesus on the cross have been commented on for centuries. I will not do so here because there are books that would most likely fill several library shelves on this subject. What I would like to do, however, is point out in the narrative the workings of the Fallen One and how his actions, which he believes will bring him victory or checkmate in the cosmic chess match, will in the end prove to be his ultimate un-doing.

We will look at what happens to Judas. So he went his way and conferred with the chief priests and captains, how he might betray Him to them. And they were glad, and agreed to give him money. This immediately begs the question: how could Satan, the Fallen One, have access to Judas to do this. How did he possess him? When did this relationship begin? The Fallen One had his man on the inside and it was Judas. I call your attention to the fact that the texts show us that this was of utmost importance to the Fallen One, so much so that he was not going to trust the task to anyone other than himself; so he enters into Judas.

This brings up the subject of demonic or satanic possession. I believe that Judas had an ongoing relationship with the Fallen One. He at some point opened himself up fully and willingly to the lies that were whispered in his ear. Then we see the plan unfold as Satan immediately goes to the chief priests, the religious leaders of the time, the very ones that Jesus calls white-washed tombs and broods of vipers, and betrays Him!

The Fallen One has found his allies and now because he believes the opportunity is presenting itself, he enters into Judas that he may bring about the fruition of his plan to kill Jesus. His spies may have reported back. So Judas is about to betray Jesus and for that he gets 30 pieces of silver. These prophecies, taken together as a whole, paint a vivid description of what awaits the Messiah at the crucifixion.

If the Fallen One had been able to piece them together, he would never have had Jesus killed! He would have done exactly the opposite. He would have had His life prolonged and protected at all costs. However, he did not put the pieces together and so remained ignorant of what was to ultimately become his defeat or checkmate! Next we see that Jesus is arrested in the garden. This is where we get a hint that He has at His command legions of angels: Matthew Or do you think that I cannot now pray to My Father, and He will provide Me with more than twelve legions of angels?

While in the garden Jesus sweats great drops of blood. He is in agony because He knows what lies ahead. He asks if this cup can be taken from Him but then says, nevertheless, thy will be done. Those words will change the very fabric of the universe in my opinion! Then Judas enters the garden and with a kiss, betrays the Savior of the world.

At this point the disciples scatter and in the following hours, Jesus will undergo torture, humiliation, and rejection by the Jews and finally, His death. The Fallen One is ecstatic as he believes that he has won the match. He is about to have Jesus killed and thereby protects his kingdom; at least this is what he believes at this time. At this point He gives up the ghost.

A great earthquake shakes the land, and the tombs of the righteous dead are opened and those who were long since dead are seen walking in the streets of Jerusalem. The veil in the Temple that is a heavy, woven, thick piece of cloth is torn from top to bottom. It is the mega-shift in all of history. It is the singularly most important event since the foundations of the world were laid.

It will have repercussions that will break apart the kingdom of the Fallen One. It will, in fact, spell his doom. Emphasis mine What we see here is that Jesus went to where the spirits were imprisoned, and He proclaimed to them victory! We are told in the texts who these spirits were and I will once again call your attention to the Genesis 6 account in the early chapters of this book. The spirits he preaches to are, in my opinion, the same ones that Jude tells us: Jude v.

The bottom line for me is that this is a victory cry; He is pronouncing, checkmate! What the Fallen One thought would end the mission by crucifying Jesus actually spelled his ultimate defeat. The cross was the ultimate defeat, as Jesus who seemed to be out-maneuvered by the Fallen One, in fact, lays down His life willingly and then in His death travels to the place where the fallen angels had been chained and proclaims to them that the game is over and the Most High God has won.

Bullinger has a short paper on this, and I would highly recommend reading it as he believes as I do that this was a victory cry, a proclamation that the title deed of the earth, the Luciferic system, the reign of the Fallen One had now officially come to an end. I have enclosed part of a novella that I had written a number of years ago when I was under contract with Zondervan Publishing house. While it is a fictional account, it will give us an insight into what may have happened.

In verse 8 above we see that He led a host of captives with Him as He ascended to heaven. Many believe that until that time the souls of men and women were in sort of a holding area. In other words, because the entire universe had been corrupted by the Fallen One which is why we are told that all creation groans there was no way for these spirits to be released.

What follows three days later is the resurrection. Jesus rises from the dead and emerges from the tomb. In His resurrected body He is seen by His disciples and then later by more than different witnesses. We are told that an angel then tells the men and women who witness this that He will return in the same way that He left, and when He does His feet will split the Mount of Olives in half! I believe that this is literal and not hyperbole!

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