Pero antes, debemos conocer a los tres personajes principales, ya que son ellos quienes llevan el peso de la novela. Su falta de experiencia en la vida y cierta carencia de perspicacia le hacen confiar en todo el mundo y no sentir resquicios de mala voluntad en aquellos que le rodean. Todo en su aspecto indica un linaje contrario a su suerte. El simbolismo ayuda al autor a ubicarnos y reforzar la imagen que nos quiere dar de sus protagonistas. Claggart, por el contrario, es la noche, es el cometa, su sitio son las bodegas, como las criaturas de las profundidades y por ello su pelo es oscuro y su piel blanca.

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I say, Herman Melville , and you say I say, Herman Melville, and you say They were fairly simple adventure stories based upon his experiences as a sailor in the U. Navy, and for a few years it would have been very chic to invite Herman Melville to your New York salon to spin a good old sea-yarn.

His work dealt with historical, religious, and philosophical themes in great detail. When the plates for his books were burned in a fire, no one even bothered to replace them. Melville worked on Billy Budd at the very end of his life, from the years to Billy Budd is a taut little morality tale that takes place on board a ship of the English Royal Navy.

The story is philosophically rich and remarkably nuanced, and the historical situation only adds to the suspense because it takes place in the year , in the midst of the Napoleonic Wars and in the wake of several massive mutinies in the English fleet. In particular, Moby-Dick became recognized as one of the greatest novels, both in America and abroad, ever to have been published.

Billy Budd is a classic in its own right. It has since been converted to film a number of times, most notably by John Huston , and an opera has been made of the book written in part by E. Next to Moby-Dick, though, Billy Budd may seem like small fry. But next time you hear Herman Melville, allow yourself a mental hiccup before you spit out Moby-Dick. Everyone get your imaginarium hats on.

So far so good. And guess what? People can be weird, and human relationships can be complex. Billy Budd, with its central conflict between the driven Claggart and the innocent Billy, delves into the mysteries of human motivation. Just why Claggart has it out for Billy is never really made clear. That means we as readers get to participate in trying to figure out what his motivations might be.

Is he jealous? In love? And you know what they say about knowing … Billy Budd Resources.


‘Billy Budd, marinero’, de Herman Melville


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‘Billy Budd, marinero’, de Herman Melville



Billy Budd, Sailor Quotes


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