Faer Welcome back, and may God bless you richly as you journey once again. I really had a lot of fun putting it together; I hope you are blessed as you read it all as much as I have been! Or is that for more footnotes? So my confusion is whether Mary was just alarmed by this greeting and puzzled by it or was she alarmed also by the fact of an angel of the Lord appearing to her with this greeting. Clare A and Indy like this. Readgude04 you have any objection to making my own page of links to all days, and if I do, could I post it on my parish website including a link to your site and a statement of credit for your work?

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Join Our Mailing List: The result of his efforts is generally seen as a lot less sophisticated and hacticus than that of his contemporaries Xenophon offers the closest comparison in terms of genre and outlook.

The work ends with words of command. The old power blocks, Athens and Sparta, were no longer dominant, Athens battling against reluctant allies and a lack of funds for military operations, and Sparta reduced to its territory in the south-east Peloponnese after its great defeat by the Thebans at Leuctra in BC. Aeneas was a prolific writer, and a writer willing to experiment with language and genre.

Greek Literature Greek Material Culture: It is also concerned with such matters as his choice of staff; attitude to war; religious duties; military formations; conduct in allied and hostile lands; difficult terrains; camps; drill; spies; guards; deserters; battle formations and maneuvers; and other matters, ending with conduct after victory. Aeneas Aineias Tacticus, probably the Stymphalian general of the Arcadian koinon see arcadian league in bce Xen.

Aeneas Tacticus is of course not a proper personal name for an ancient Greek. The thicker the border, the more information. His education and general perspective suggest that he was comparatively well off, and his political stance is broadly oligarchic. The work offers no indication of where Aeneas came from. As zeneas often with ancient texts, even the most basic details cannot be taken for granted: Many small cities which had long belonged to one of the large alliances were, for the first time in generations, on their own.

On checking, at a distance from the walls, the advance of a foe, and on taking special precautions in regard to religious processions outside the city walls and treachery at the gates of the city Personal use only; commercial use is strictly prohibited for details see Privacy Policy and Legal Notice.

Aeneas himself also refers to other works tacticuus had already written. If you are a student or academic complete our librarian recommendation form to recommend the Oxford Research Encyclopedias to your librarians for an institutional free trial.

The simple answer is that we do not know. This was a turbulent time, particularly in ttacticus Greece. It is devoted entirely to defence of fortified places and deals specially with use of defending troops; defensive positions; morale; resistance to attacks and to actual assault; guards; obviation of treachery and revolution; and other subjects.

The Thebans, too had not been able to remain a dominant power, but were still asserting their influence in central and northern Greece. If you have purchased a print title that contains an access token, please see the token for information about how to register your code.

The work tacticuz in plain style with the sort of morals and social and military qualities and attitudes expected of a virtuous and militarily successful general.

His nonsense books, mo …. We also know from other ancient authors that there was an Aeneas who had written a number of military treatises, and whose work was well thought of by other writers as well as military experts. Aeneas was perhaps a general, and certainly author of several didactic military works of which the sole survivor is that on defense against siege.

Aeneas Tacticus Greek general See my copyright page for details and contact information. His main subjects were the branches of a military force; infantry; cavalry; chariots; elephants; arms; maneuvers; military evolutions; marching formation.

In This Article Bibliography. From it we can deduce that he was a Peloponnesian of the fourth century BCE who served in the Aegean and in Asia Minor and composed the work from direct knowledge and from oral and some literary tradition, possibly in —6 Tactidus. Of several treatises only his Siegecraft Poliorcetica is extant, internally datable to the mid-4th cent. Note that Aeneas can also be transliterated from the Greek as Aineias. Sign in via your Institution. Related Articles.


Read the Bible & the Catechism in a Year

When I first read through the Bible in a year it had a transformative effect on my life. Spiritually speaking, it was like eating a perfectly balanced diet for a year while working out daily! I felt stronger; I had more energy for doing what I should do! Typically, people want to know what translation to read and what plan to follow. My advice about Bible translations is to pick whatever version you find easiest to read and understand. This advice scandalizes some of my good friends who want people to read only the purest translation, but I stand by it! I first read through the Living Bible, a contemporary paraphrase translation.



This has been here a while now but I am so glad I found it — I look forward to an amazing year at least of visiting this site. Thank you! What a blessing this has been for me — I hope and pray that it is for you as well! God bless you.



Kazigul Notify me of new comments via email. Clare A likes this. This is a blessing and a God given gift for the year the year of blessings and break ghrough. I read a chapter last night and was quite confused over something so maybe you all can help me. He saw them and they revealed cjnetwork him on his deathbed the true nature and plan for Mary to be the Mother of God. Clare AFeb 2, You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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