Language English The documentary consists of first person interviews of people involved in the pimping lifestyle "the game". The interviews are separated by short clips from s blaxploitation films such as Willie Dynamite , The Mack , and Dolemite. The first portion of the documentary focuses on pimps working illegally. The illegal pimps that are interviewed are from all over the United States, e. These pimps, and many others discuss their theories on the history of prostitution. The pimps go on to talk about their philosophy on pimping, and how they live their daily life.

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Heather Digby Parton "American Pimp" A recently released documentary stars Rosebudd, a year-old exemplar of the genre who tells it like it is. Sitting across from me with pictures from his glory days of being a pimp in Hollywood spread out on the table, the year-old father of two looks like any L7 you might meet on the street. Now to a hustler, being a motherfucker is what you strive for. I just had to become a motherfucker in another arena. And thanks to his starring role in the current Hughes Brothers documentary, "American Pimp," he recently scored a deal with the radical Chicago publishing house Frontline for his self-published memoir, "Master of Pimpology.

And indeed, much of what goes on between hos and pimps seems, gulp, hard to swallow. The way the Hughes Brothers and Rosebudd lay it out, a pimp is a fella who has any number of women on the street working for him. He sets a ho up with an apartment, advises her on the rules of "the stroll" where she works and provides her a minimal amount of protection.

In return, the ho gives the pimp all of the money she earns. Advertisement: Wait a second, Rosebudd -- all of the money? What the pimp offers the ho is someone she can communicate with honestly. Any other man is going to see her as a ho first. A pimp is the only one who can accept this woman having sex with someone else and still see her as a desirable woman. How do they live without money? It sounds incredible, but a ho does not get a cut of her take for the night.

Every penny goes to her man, the pimp. Advertisement: "Check it out," says Rosebudd. She can either straighten up and be cool, or she can leave -- go and choose somebody else to get with. If the ho no longer wants to be with a certain pimp, she can chose another one, usually without violence.

For example, a warrior cannot totally understand clowns. You have to want to be a clown to understand wearing those big shoes and the nose and all that stuff. Know what I mean? And most women want a relationship, a heterosexual relationship. If I allow it in any regard, I am a punk to them.

They start imagining a whole lot of weak shit because of my weakness. Then they leave. If she comes home and challenges you, you got to stand up. That could mean slapping the shit out of her or whatever. Advertisement: "You could try to do it verbally. Also, he has the ability to drop knowledge in a particularly entertaining manner. Perhaps time has tamed him. Certainly the avuncular figure before me has come quite a distance from the high-rolling player in the photos laid out before us.

They show a grinning Rosebudd with a huge Afro, fine white women on his arm and thick gold jewelry all over that would turn Bob Guccione into a "player hater. Growing up as a pool hustler in Vallejo, Calif. This he achieved. But after 20 years on the street, he grew dissatisfied with the game. His favorite ho got killed one night, her throat cut -- according to Rosebudd -- because she was mixed up with some corrupt cops and was planning to testify against them in court.

Then another ho got pregnant with his first daughter, and he had to wage an extended, costly battle to gain visitation rights. Advertisement: The game was changing too.

AIDS, too, was making a debut. He married her and she became the mother of his second child, now 4 and a half years old. Slowly, Rosebudd began thinking like a square -- worrying about providing for his family, buying Pampers for his little girl and earning scratch like a real 9-to-5 Howdy Doody.

Today Rosebudd is again a man in demand, with full magazine spreads in glossy magazines like Gallery and While You Were Sleeping. Interest in his former profession is high, and why not? It is one of the oldest professions, even if not the oldest. They start out playing dice or whatever. But in the course of making that money they run into different types of hustlers.

Mostly they gravitate toward the pimp because of his cars, his diamonds, his girls. All this means excitement to a young dude. Because you know a gambler, a pool hustler, a car thief -- anybody will do anything for some pussy. Advertisement: Stephen Lemons.


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Rosebudd the American Pimp



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