Yozshuk Lots of good advice for you so far. What are your goals as a player? Sep 20, Playing with other people just makes you better what ever your levels are. Citations are based on reference standards.

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Thus, they can get at a young age results most people need two lifetimes to achieve. Following certain principles, you can accelerate your learning curve and maximize your results. There are 4 principles which I believe are the most important. Build on your strengths. This way, you reinforce natural abilities with connected learned abilities and you become exceptionally good in a certain area. This is great because exceptional skills create exceptional results. Dedicate huge blocks of time to learning.

Their work becomes repetitive; their free time no longer involves stimulating activities, their brains become kind of like chewing gum. If you wanna accelerate your learning curve, you want to do the exact opposite. You want to set bold personal development goals for yourself and dedicate a big piece of your time to achieving them.

You want to practice life-long learning and you want to commit to it. Get great mentors. A lot of our learning happens naturally if we interact with people who are true role models for us. We naturally tend to model and imitate them. If on top of this, we add conscious, analytic modeling, then the learning process skyrockets. This is where great mentors come in.

They are people who possess extraordinary skills in certain areas and can greatly help us grow. One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to be very sociable and seek to meet these kinds of people, and then build quality relationships with them. Believe in your power to learn. There are a lot of limiting, disempowering messages we hear about learning, which have little to do with reality. For example, the common talk about the fact that adults learn harder than children.

Guess what? There are some serious studies which indicate the exact opposite: since adults are more capable to organize their learning process, they are actually better at learning many things than children are.

Be willing to doubt the things you hear about learning around you and learn to believe in your ability to learn. Structure your learning. Speaking of adults and organizing the learning process, this is one of those things which the more you apply, the more benefits you get. Organizing your learning can include many things: Chunking the material into small pieces, Ordering the material using a criteria; Taking breaks and varying your tasks; Learning at the best times during the day.

The fundamental idea is to use your head to manage the learning process. Logic, creativity and a good understanding of how human learning works can make a huge difference. The first type is in mental hospitals, the other type is six feet under. Apply the four principles above and not only that you will learn, but you will do so in an accelerated way. You will see this manifest in the most practical way possible: the real-world results you can produce. Eduard Ezeanu is a communication coach with an attitude-based approach.

He has recently launched the site Conversation Starters and he also writes on his blog, People Skills Decoded.



Magul Then, transfer the solo onto the electric guitar. Includes 27 MP3 audio files demonstrating all of the ebooks TAB examples performed along with a metronome. They will occur in the exercise as close together as two adjacent strings and as far apart as 5 strings in distance. I am practicing boring scales and a few solos that I know like stairway and hotel California.


How to Accelerate Your Learning Curve

Togul You must log in or sign up to reply here. In todays world, we can get totally lost with the amount of information out there. I suggest triads as I dont get lost as much knowing them when im andrsw to improvise or even come up with new material. The study applies several different types of 3-Note chord structures. Log in or Sign up. This comprehensive course covers ten lesson plans for anyone who needs to establish a solid foundation on guitar! Advanced Search Find a Library.

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