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Juk Also how we can calculate the engagement speed. The math of the CVT is much too complex and prone to errors due to a lack of measurement.

This kit is made of high quality iron and aluminum, which is sturdy and durable. Is the relation linear or non linear? Hi guys I would just like to know if anyone has a reliability rating for the whole CVT system? Ecole De Technologie Superieure.

Also for anybody wondering what was up with us at RIT we failed big time in accel due to a number of factors, most of which were my fault. A practical 20 Series torque converter driver clutch. If RPM is too high then weight must be increased. The only i would see not to try it is the pretty extreme overdrive ratio but im pretty sure cvg guys at cvtech know what they are doing. Also shop in Also shop in.

Hey, Its true that the CVtech is pretty ridiculous in terms of shift range, close to 7: As Erik and Akron said, a light lbs car with small tires would work with that transaxle and cvtech. I would suggest ordering a new belt or two. Instituto Maua de Tecnologia.

Torque is good for acceleration. Everything up to this engagement point is the engine reving up, going cv rpm to rpm all the way up to your engagement point. It works on engines up to 11 horsepower. I can only imagine that running it substantially closer would enhance this problem and also delay shift out behavior and lengthen the amount of time the belt is slipping. For the its mm. McGill Baja Racing Captain minibaja. It has a low of 3.

What tires you running? This kit will work on engines up to 11 horsepower. This is the model currently offered to students Info is in the form available below:. Our team works hard to find you the best deals and provide you with a wide sel First of all i want to know what comer line of yours mean the speed you will be at when your CVT engages is 7.

The redness and hotness is a warning to turn off Nicholas Lefebvre Universite Laval. The new car was a Gaged right? This page was last updated: In Peoria in 08, we changed 2 or 3 clmet during endurance and finished 2nd before being disqualified in post race tech. This page was generated in 0.

If your CC distance is short. We usually respond within a few hours. Product Description Go cvvt torque converters are CVT transmission systems for go karts, minibikes, small vehicles, jr, drafster, cvg karts, odyssey, snowmobiles, ATVs,lawn equipment, industrial, wi The Clutch is varying itself to keep the engine at that speed, this is why it is important to make it be a ratio that is a good HP value for your engine.

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We always ordered the Comet series from QDS that was already tuned for a briggs and stratton. Is the relation linear or non linear? Top ten endurance cars RIT. The driven are a lot bigger and give you less ratio than the one in the sponsorship. Preferred CVT Unless you have some weird form of dual transmission setup on your car or are always parked facing downhill, then obviously your clutch has to engage in order for the car to start moving, how else will power get from the engine to the wheels? There is a thread on here somewhere that discusses the effect of c-c distance specifically. The site was recently updated from vBulletin 3 to vBulletin 4 software.



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