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Given names[ edit ] While in Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia, Albanian " Illyrian " and religious names are quite common, in Albania proper, Albanian or Muslim names are rarely given. This is partly a result of the high net emigration rate of Albania and the desire of most Albanian emigrants to assimilate internationally.

Another factor is the secularisation that took place during Socialist rule, which discouraged explicitly Christian or Muslim given names.

In , among the 20 most commonly used given names for newborn children in Albania, there was not a single Albanian name. Instead, "international" Christian or English names were most popular. In Communist Albania , an Illyrian origin of the Albanians without denying "Pelasgian roots", [2] a theory which has been revitalized today [3] continued to play a significant role in Albanian nationalism, resulting in a revival of given names supposedly of Illyrian origin, at the expense of given names associated with Christianity or Islam.

These could be native Albanian words like Flutur "butterfly" , ideologically communist ones like Marenglen Marx - Engels - Lenin , or "Illyrian" ones compiled from epigraphy, e. Many last names were originally surnames, many of these being either Muslim Ahmeti, Rexhepi, etc. Names starting with Papa- usually indicate Christian origin but there are cases where it is followed by a Muslim element i. Papazisi, a name held by Albanians of both Christian and Muslim heritage. In the North and in Kosovo, clan names are also very prominent, most notably the names of widespread clans such as Krasniqi, Berisha and Gashi.

The surnames Gega, Gegprifti, Gegaj etc. Surnames based on occupation are less common than in other countries but nevertheless the surnames Hoxha mullah, either Bektashi or Sunni and Prifti priest, used by both Catholics and Orthodox remain very common. Arvanite and pre- modern Albanian surnames are also common.

Many Arvanite surnames are found in Albania, in the modern Albanian form. This is a link between Albanian and Greek names. Orthodox Christian names tend to be heavily Greek, including last names which have counterparts in the Greek language.

Communist-era Albania[ edit ] According to a decree issued in , Muslims in Albania had to change their names to Albanian names while newborn Albanians had to receive non-religious names. By this way, they hope to get a visa for Greece.


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