Thanks for watching! Visit Website Bandaging can promote the formation of EGT by creating a low oxygen, high moisture environment. Bandages can also lead to chronic inflammation through direct wound irritation. Low oxygen levels in a wound have been shown to promote the proliferation of fibroblasts, a principal cell type of granulation tissue. Bandages have been found to lead to slower wound closure and a greater likelihood of excessive granulation tissue. If possible, application of bandages should be avoided on wounds healing by second intention.

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Mar 27, De-gloved leg , Proud flesh , Wire Cuts Equine Tissue Granulation This article will list ways to save time and money, but most importantly, get your horse on the right path to healing. Being in the wound care business, we have seen many catastrophic horse wounds with exposed bones and tendons. One of the most common injuries our customers deal with are wire cuts with de-gloved legs to the bone.

Many owners panic at the site of exposed bone, and rightfully so. It is imperative that granulation tissue form over the bone as soon as possible. The best way to granulate tissue, and create a healthy wound bed, is with a simple paste made of sugar and water. Make the paste thick enough so that you can pack it on bone, and wrap with cotton padding and vetwrap. While silver is beneficial, these compounds do not rapidly cover the bone with granulation tissue.

Often times, wounds treated with these compounds will stall. This can be dangerous, as if the bone is not covered quickly enough, it can start to die, become weakened, or infected. Also, this unnecessarily delays healing. PF Wonder Salve will rapidly close in area, and keep excessive tissue granulation in check.

It will eliminate any proud flesh that has formed. From this point on, you can still use a sugar pack for exposed bone that may be present in the center, or avoid using PF Wonder Salve the center a few more days until it finishes closing. Never apply PF Wonder Salve to exposed bone.

PF Wonder Salve comes with detailed instructions. After that, you may leave Managing De-Gloved Leg Injury By following the protocol described above, you can expect excellent results with regard to the wound healing.

PF Wonder Salve customers who granulate tissue over exposed bone with sugar paste get further ahead at a quicker rate than those who do not. If there is no exposed bone, skip the sugar paste and use PF Wonder Salve from start to finish. Often times one 6 oz. PF Wonder Salve does not burn, sting, or kill healthy tissue. We are awaiting final photo.


15: Exuberant Granulation Tissue

References Summary The formation of exuberant granulation tissue EGT is a frequent complication of wounds healing by second intention on the limbs of horses. Among the large number of contributing factors, chronic inflammation is foremost and often goes unrecognized because of the mild signs it elicits. The stimulus for formation of EGT is reduced when prevention and treatment of chronic inflammation are combined with excision of the protruding granulation tissue. This approach allows a smooth transition from fibroplasia to wound contraction and epithelialization and usually obviates the recurrence of EGT. The topical application of a corticosteroid, used in a precise and controlled manner, and the use of silicone sheet dressings, as well as skin grafting, are valuable in preventing the formation of EGT. In cases where EGT is already present, excision of the protruding granulation tissue is, currently, the treatment of choice.


Prevention of Exuberant Granulation Tissue or Proud Flesh


BS EN 50173 PDF

How to Treat Exposed Bone on Horse


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