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Add to Wishlist Get ahead! Each title contains practice questions similar to those you can expect in the real exam. If you are looking for a comprehensive, reliable, effective revision aid, then look no further than Get ahead! Features of Get ahead! One cannot underestimate the amount of effort that this young doctor has put into compiling this work.

Common clinical scenarios are presented in an accessible and logical manner that allows the student to read from cover to cover or dip in and out as needed. There is wide coverage of the surgical spectrum and many key topics are addressed appropriately.

Very little wading is required and every page contains several nuggets of factual gold that is the currency of final year medical school. The factual knowledge presented with concise explanatory notes will certainly appeal to the strategic learner who is short for time and staring down the barrel of finals.

Journal of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Ireland, Oct Questions are laid out well and particularly great are the answers that the book provides. Each answer gives enough information for the reader to understand how the answer came about, whilst providing you with useful nuggets of information. It appears that the answers are almost like a mini-concise textbook in themselves.

I shall definitely be using the book come exam-time. You can never have too many EMQs Arranged as 6 practice papers, each paper covers a variety of scenarios that would be commonly encountered in the surgical setting covering both acute and chronic conditions.

Get Ahead! Aberdeen Medics Newsletter, Feb The book is divided into seven practice papers, which would be similar to the ones seen in finals. Each paper has 17 different themes about various aspects in surgery. It is certainly of great value to final year students to practice doing the questions The content is excellent and is written in the same style as assessments are made. I am pleased to see that this book has the answers directly after the question paper - excellent.

In addition to this and even more valuable are the detailed and easy to understand explanations, saving many an hour trawling the books. This is excellent, with references to aetiology, pathology investigations and clinical signs. Due to these detailed explanations, the book not only serves as a revision aid but as a useful resource during the academic year. Keele MedNews, May This book is an excellent revision aid for medical students sitting for Finals as it essentially covers the entire surgical syllabus.

The format of the questions closely resemble to those found in the University Medical Assessment Partnership bank of questions and as such serves as a useful preparation for exams. Answers are provided together with explanations that are well worth a read as they are a valuable revision tool themselves. I would thoroughly recommend this book to all medical students as a comprehensive and reliable revision aid. British Journal of Hospital Medicine, Sept 4 Stars: Great book, thorough and covers most basic surgery for finals Well suited for those who want to make sure they know the basics for surgical written finals.


Get Ahead! Specialties 100 Emqs For Finals

Get ahead! This book contains EMQ themes, each with five stems, arranged as six practice papers lasting two hours apiece. You can either work through the practice papers systematically or dip in and out of the book using the EMQ theme titles as a guide to where questions on a specific topic can be found. We have tried to include all the surgical conditions about which you can be expected to know, as well as some more detailed knowledge suitable for candidates aiming towards distinction.


Complete Get Ahead Series PDF [Direct Link All Subjects]


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