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Alicias y peterpanes me preguntan por ti lunes, 7 de febrero de Dublinesca, de Enrique Vila-Matas Hoy tenemos el honor de que sea el mismo Vila-Matas el que nos presente su novela, citando, contando, comentando, paseando por Dublin. Todos los pubs irlandeses tienen ese aroma a penumbra y ese sabor a madera, esas ganas de quedarse horas y horas, guiness tras guiness.

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Early life[ edit ] Waltari was born in Helsinki on 19 September A scandal caused by their relationship had forced them to move to Tampere and the two married each other on 18 November Suuri Illusioni was a surprise hit, selling copies and turning Mika Waltari into a famous author. He was married on 8 March to Marjatta Luukkonen, whom he had met during military service the preceding year, and on 4 January they had a daughter, Satu.

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