Early life[ edit ] Golas was the youngest of five children. His parents were born in Poland and met in the United States. His first ten years he lived in Paterson, New Jersey. His father died when he was four, and his mother remarried when he was ten. At this point the family moved to a farm in Pennsylvania with no electricity or indoor plumbing. The stepfather died four years later.

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The world of absolute consciousness is completely indifferent to anything we are doing or not doing on earth. Perhaps the best that can e said for religions is that people do not behave any better without them. Throughout history, religious organizations have provided a path to social and political power for the ambitious who did not inherit it or could not seize it by force.

Churchmen have been statesmen, bureaucrats, scientists and even warriors. Traditional religions decline in capitalist countries because ambitious people have other avenues to rise to wealth and power.

We may preach and practice all the benevolence we wish, but it is false to do so in the name of the spirit. Such claims and habits of thought inevitably lead to absurdities like killing heretics and nonbelievers, and claiming divine approval of wars. We cannot build a heaven on Earth for the simple reason that heaven has no matter and no energy in it.

Energy is functionally different from space. Energy is so useful. It informs us all of which we presumably must learn before we can rise to paradise.

Energy has no intention other than to vibrates, to change states rapidly. Once an entity is doing so, it then becomes necessary for it to adjust its vibrational pattern constantly in order to avoid pain.

Pain and evil are local and specific. No individual entity is obliged to suffer unwillingly. Any entity at any time may prolong its consciousness, become space, and push away energy and mass. We should not project our local value judgments on the universe at large. Space-conscious entities do not cause any specific events to happen and they are not responsible for our human existence or anything in our reality.

Evil is always temporary, self-limiting, and self-destroying. If we try to eliminate pain and evil, we only entrap ourselves uselessly. Nothing that happens in our reality has any cosmic value, one way or the other. There is no cosmic reward or punishment for human behavior. Ultimately our reality is a confused, painful and exciting transitory reality.


Love and Pain



Thaddeus Golas


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